PRESS RELEASE from Pennsylvania Republican Party

PAGOP Launches New Independent Television Advertisement Focusing On Obama's Relationship With Rev. Wright

Saturday, November 01, 2008

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Robert A. Gleason, Jr. released the following statement on the Party’s latest television advertisement: 

“The media has allowed Barack Obama to escape public scrutiny on countless issues and has been silent on Obama’s connection with Rev. Jeremiah Wright since the Primary Election. When Pennsylvanians vote for a President, they should have a full picture of a candidate’s character, including the people they chose to intimately align themselves with for many years. Reverend Wright said incredibly hateful and disturbing things during his sermons and I think Barack Obama has not given a clear reason why he continued to sit in his church and listen.  Why did Barack Obama associate with a man who has clear disdain for our country?  Rather than rebuke Wright when he said any of these comments, Obama sought his counsel and even invited him to his presidential announcement ceremony!  Wright served as Obama’s spiritual advisor for many, many years and even baptized his children.


“Many Pennsylvanians are taking these next few days before Election Day to decide who they can trust to lead our country.  Barack Obama is proving himself to be a risk to our future. I believe that most people can’t understand how Obama could continue to come back to Wright’s church week after week to hear Wright espouse comments like ‘God Damn America!’  Can we trust Obama’s judgment?  If his relationship with Reverend Wright is any indication, I would say no!” 


The Republican Party of Pennsylvania began airing the independent television spot entitled “Judgment” that can be viewed by clicking here.  We are encouraging people to help us keep this ad on the air by donating to today!


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