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in NC starting Oct. 16, 2008


[Music] Man: Son.  Son.

Son: Yeah, Dad.

Man: I wanted to talk to you about -- can you turn that music off for a minute?

[Music off] Man: Listen, Son.  In this day and age it's really important that you protect yourself.

Son: Dad!

Man: No, this is serious.  And I'm saying this for your mother when I say this too.  If you don't protect yourself there's a chance you could get -- disenfranchised on Nov. 4th.

Son: [laughs] I know.  That's why I voted already.

Man: What?

Son: Yeah.  North Carolina has one-stop voting.  I checked my status to make sure I was registered and voted early.  With one-stop voting you can even register if you're not already and vote on the spot.  You didn't know that?

Man: No.

Son: Well then I'm glad we had this little talk, Dad.

Man: Yeah, me too Son, me too.

[Music] Female Announcer: North Carolina residents can register and vote on the same day any time between now and Nov. 1st.  Call toll free 866-522-xxxx for more information.  Paid for by  PowerPAC is responsible for the content of this ad.