"Hair Salon-Part 2"
60 sec. ad run
in NC starting Oct. 16, 2008


[Music, intermittent scissor sounds] Hair dresser: Laney what happened to your hair?  Look at this kitchen.  So are you ready to vote?

Laney: History here I come.  But can you believe some of my friends didn't even register?

Hair dresser: What?

Laney: Ouch!

Hair dresser: That's just plain stupidity.  Luckily here in North Carolina you can still register now any time between now and Nov. 1st.

Other Woman: That's right.

Laney: Really?

Hair dresser: Uhuh.

Laney: But most of them have to work Election Day probably won't vote anyway because of the lines.  Ouch!

Hair dresser: With one-stop voting you register and vote on the same day.  Go down to your county's one-stop voting site with your picture ID, your utility bill or some other proof of residency, fill out the application and then vote.

Other Woman: And you should double-check your voting status and your poll location on line or call your county board of elections.  No need for surprises on Election Day.

Hair dresser: It's all quick and easy.

Laney: And painless, unlike what you're doing to my hair?  Ow!

Hair dresser: Oh, girl... hair look in the back...

Male Announcer: North Carolina residents can register and vote on the same day any time between now and Nov. 1st.  Call toll free 866-522-xxxx for more information.  Paid for by  PowerPAC is responsible for the content of this ad.