"Sandy-Fallon, NV"
60 sec. TV ad run in NV.

[Music] Sandy: I'm Sandy and I live on the Fallon Piute-Shoshone Reservation in Fallon, Nevada.  You know nobody lives out there, that's what they think.  But they're wrong.  We live out here.  My whole family's lived out here forever. 

Farming is our main thing.  Look at the gas prices--who can afford to run those big machines and stuff.

You know people losing jobs, like my son's been unemployed for three months now.  Nothing.

I worked on several military bases and I got to know these men.  And then every now and then I get these e-mails that they're gone.  [wipes away tear]  It's got to be stopped.   It never should have happened.  We were told lies.

I have been diagnosed with kidney failure.  I mean my health is all of the sudden, boom, the main issue in my life, so that is what I like about Barack's plan.  He's really trying to do as much as he can for us disabled people.

I went on the website; read up all on the policies, about his family, his background and I thought it was great.

Because I believe so much in this change, I'm voting for Barack Obama.  He's the man for us.

Male Announcer: Paid for by  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Notes: One of the "Local Voices" ads.