60 sec. ad run
in Minneapolis-St. Paul at the beginning of Sept. 2008 during the Republican National Convention.


SFX: Morning traffic noise.  Honk...honk....traffic noise continues under the entire ad.
Male Announcer: Watch out for the guy with the briefcase.
Female Announcer: Woah, what’s up with his fancy suit?
Male Announcer: He’s a lobbyist in town for the Republican Convention.
Female Announcer: There are a lot of them in the Twin Cities this week.
Male Announcer: And they're all here to support John McCain
SFX: Honk...honk.  Louder street noise.
Female Announcer:  Did you see that limo?
Male Announcer: Yeah and I saw the private jets lined up at the airport too.
Female Announcer: They’re living the high life -- champaign and caviar every night.
Male Announcer: And it’s all for McCain and his lobbyist friends.

Female Announcer: McCain’s been a good friend to the lobbyists and he’s always delivered for them in Washington.  And now there are dozens of lobbyists working on his campaign. 

Male Announcer
So if McCain is helping the lobbyists -- and the lobbyists are helping McCain -- who’s helping us?

Female Announcer
That’s a good question.  Call John McCain at 651-356-8251 and let him know that we are looking for a president who will be on our side. 

Male Announcer
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