"Worried Sick"
30 sec. TV ad run "in two battleground states"
announced Oct. 6, 2008.


[Music] Woman 1: How did Sam's surgery go?

Woman 2: Good, thank God.  I don't know how we're going to pay all the bills.  We've got insurance but it doesn't seem to cover much.  He's been out of work for two weeks.

Male Announcer: Worried sick about health care costs?  John McCain's plan won't help.

McCain's health care plan would raise taxes for many families and would deny coverage for pre-existing conditions like cancer.

Woman 2: And get this, McCain wants to start taxing our benefits.

Woman 1: Maybe you should send him your bills.

Male Announcer: SEIU COPE is responsible for the content of this advertising.


Notes: This ad, a UAW V-CAP ad (Nicole Lowe), and an ad from Health Care for America Now ("Fighter") all echo recent ads that the Obama campaign has beein running on McCain's health care plan: "Coin," "One Word," "Can't Explain," an ad in Spanish (Carlos Sequeira) and a radio ad