Vets for Freedom

"One Letter"
60-second ad
run in OH and PA from Nov. 4, 2008.

[Music] Pablo Casteneda: It's been said that Dwight Eisenhower wrote two letters in the days before young Americans risked their lives on the beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe.

Keri McGregor: In one letter he applauded the sacrifice of the troops and celebrated their hard fought victory.

Scott Willens: In the other letter he took full responsibility for the catastrophic failure of the mission.

Pablo Casteneda: In our generation's war Sen. Obama only wrote one letter...

(Katherine Rivera-Mengis): ...detailing the failure of the surge...

(Keri McGregor): And he wrote it before he even set foot on the Iraqi soil or spoke with our commanders.

Gabriel Herrera: Sen. Obama, like generations before me, I am an American warrior.

Stephanie Eichman: I have not failed my country.

Nick Eichman: I have not let down my friends, many of whom we lost.

Brian Bowers: I've answered my nation's call.

?unidentified: And I have succeeded.

Katherine Rivera-Mengis: So to you Sen. Obama and others who said we'd fail I say enough.

Brian Bowers: My fellow Americans, tell Sen. Obama support the troops and their success by supporting bipartisan Senate Resolution 636.

?unidentified: Ask Sen. Obama to tell the truth about the surge.

Ricky Garcia: Can we win our war?

All: Yes we can.

Male Voice: Vets for Freedom is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Notes: This ad was released on the day that Obama outlined his "New Energy for America Plan" in a speech in Lansing, MI.  McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds responded with this statement: