Vets for Freedom

30 sec. TV ad run in
CA Oct. 1-9, 2008.  

[Music] Male Announcer: Barack Obama skipped 45-percent of Senate votes but did manage to show up to vote against emergency funding for our troops. 

Obama was chairman of the Committee overseeing the fight agains Al Quaeda in Afghanistan, but never held a single hearing.

Obama clip: is true that we haven't had oversight hearings on Afghanistan...

Male Announcer: Obama found time to make 45 trips to Iowa, but only two trips to Iraq.

Brian Bowers, Iraq War Veteran: Call Sen. Obama and ask him to support Senate Resolution 636.  Vets for Freedom is responsible for the content of this ad.
Notes: According to the press release, this ad is:

"...part of a continuing campaign to urge Senator Obama to tell the Truth about the Surge and fully acknowledge U.S. success in Iraq.  The $2.2 million dollar statewide television advertising campaign is VFF’s largest expenditure in a single state buy thus far on this issue.  The ad will air in California on October 1st and run through October 9th. 

"Senator Obama repeatedly denies that the surge worked, contradicting reports from top commanders on the ground in Iraq, yet has only been to Iraq twice and has missed countless votes regarding the mission.  VFF released “Skipped” to underscore Senator Obama’s failure to be informed of the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to ask him, and Congress, to support passage of legislation in the U.S. Senate that recognizes the success of the surge and our troops."

Observations: The ad uses what appears to be a photo illustration of Obama lounging in his office.  The California buy is unusual.