Winning Message Action Fund

How Much Time...
30 sec. TV ad unveiled Sept. 18, 2008, to run in CO, OH, PA and WI starting begining of October.  Individuals were encouraged to run the ad using SaysMeTv.

[Computer keyboard typing SFX] Female Announcer: John McCain believes Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

McCain clip (Feb. 18, 2008, Spartanburg, SC): I do not support Roe v. Wade.  It should be overturned.

Female Announcer: If that happens, 21 states will immediately move to ban abortion.

We have questions, John McCain:

Will you stand by if states put women [SFX jail door closing] in jail?

If women are forced back into back alleys?

Making abortions illegal won't stop them.  It will just make them extremely dangerous.

Notes: Winning Message Action Fund is affiliated with the National Institute for Reproductive Health; president is Kelli Conlin.