Winning Message Action Fund

How Much Time - Mug Shot
30 sec. TV ad announced at a press conference on Oct. 23 to run in OH Oct. 25, 2008 through Election Day.
  Individuals were encouraged to run the ad using SaysMeTv.

[Door slamming SFX] Female Announcer: John McCain and Sarah Palin want to overturn Roe vs Wade, which protects a women's right to choose.

[Flash SFX] If that happens, 21 states will immediately move to make abortion a crime.

Text Screen: How much time should she do?

[Flash SFX]
And women will be treated like criminals.

[Flash SFX] What would John McCain do then?

Winning Message Action Fund is responsible for the content of this ad.

Notes: Winning Message Action Fund is affiliated with the National Institute for Reproductive Health; president is Kelli Conlin. [press release]