McCain-Palin 2008

60-second radio ads run in the closing days of the campaign, late Oct. and early Nov. 2008.

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Example 1:
There was a 60-second radio ad featuring Joe the Plumber.  As with other late McCain-Palin ads, the second part focused on congressional liberals.

Example 2 (partial transcript):

Female Announcer: Who is Barack Obama?  His health care plan shows us the truth.  ...[gap]... rations care.  Experts predict Obama's expensive employer mandates' added costs will rob 50 million employees of their health coverage.

That's not a health care plan, that's an economic disaster.

Male Announcer: Congressional liberals support government-run health care. 

Congressional liberals want bureaucrats, not doctors, to control your care.  Bureaucrats will decide what health procedure you can get and when you get it. 

Congressional liberals pay for it with new income taxes, payroll taxes, a tax on your stock transactions.  That's a plan for tragedy.

With Barack Obama and congressional liberals, big government health care is on its way.

Paid for by McCain Palin-2008 and the Republican National Committeee. 

McCain: I'm John McCain and I approved this message.

Example 3:
Another "Who is Barack Obama?" ad run in Northern VA, at least, contained the charge that Obama is using "your tax dollars to reward his friends."  "That's your money Obama's using.  That's unethical," the announcer stated.

Example 4:

[Music] Female Announcer: Barack Obama says he'll spread your wealth around.

Here's Obama's plan.

First Obama raises your taxes.  Then he spends nearly a trillion dollars on new government programs.

Spreaking the wealth means government gets bigger, special interests grow fatter, while your paycheck gets leaner.

More for big government, less for you.

Just as you suspected, Barack Obama's wrong for you.

Male Announcer: Your savings, your job and your financial security are under seige.  Congressional liberals will make it worse. 

Congressional liberals plan nearly a trillion dollars in new government spending.  To pay for it congressional liberals promise higher taxes on American families making over $42,000 a year. 

Congressional liberals call it spreading the wealth around.  We call it higher taxes for you.

Paid for by McCain-Palin 2008 and the Republican National Committee.

McCain: I'm John McCain and I approve this message.