Obama for America

30-second ad run on national cable starting Sept. 22, 2008

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Obama (voiceover): I'm Barack Obama and I approved this message.

[Music] Male Announcer: We've seen what Bush-McCain policies have done to our economy.

Now John McCain wants to do the same to our health care.

McCain just published an article praising Wall Street deregulation...

Said he reduce oversight of the health insurance industry too...

Just "as we have done over the last decade in banking"...

Increasing costs and threatening coverage.

A prescription for disaster.

John McCain.  A risk we just can't afford to take.

Notes: This ad was released on the day that Obama outlined his "New Energy for America Plan" in a speech in Lansing, MI.  McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds responded with this statement:

Notes: The McCain campaign responded thusly...

“Barack Obama has once again lied and distorted in order to hide his own failed judgment on the major issues facing this country.  Senator McCain continues to support health care policies that would allow Americans to have better access to more affordable healthcare across state lines–this isn’t dangerous deregulation, it’s common sense.  More than two years ago, while Barack Obama was burnishing his credentials for MoveOn.org in preparation for his White House bid, John McCain was pushing for major reforms of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Two years later, it’s the same story–Barack Obama is playing politics while John McCain works for reform.” —Tucker Bounds, spokesman McCain-Palin 2008