Obama for America

health care ad
60-second radio ad run in key states, approx. Oct. 3, 2008.

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[Music] Male Announcer: Here's what John McCain says about his health care plan.

McCain: Let's give every American family a $5,000 refundable tax credit.

Announcer: But here's what McCain's not telling you.  He'd make you pay income taxes on your health benefits, taxing health insurance for the first time ever.

The $5,000 tax credit?  McCain's own website says it goes straight to the insurance companies, not to you, leaving you on your own to pay McCain's health insurance tax.

And that's not all, McCain's tax will drive up costs, causing employers to drop coverage.  Experts say 20 million could lose their insurance.

We just can't afford John McCain.

[Music upbeat] Female Announcer: Barack Obama's plan:

Strengthen employer-based coverage by reducing costs,
A tax credit for small business,
Protect the patient-doctor relationship,
And cover pre-existing conditions.

Read his plan at

Obama: I'm Barack Obama, candidate for President, and I approve this message.

Female Announcer: Paid for by Obama for America.