Obama for America

60-second radio ad run in VA announced Oct. 27, 2008.

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[Music] Gov. Kaine: This is Tim Kaine

And I want to tell you about somebody who's more than just a candidate for President of the United States – I want to share with you some insights about my friend Barack Obama.

We know Barack's got detailed plans to get our economy moving again, and make sure middle-class families come before those Washington special interests who’ve rigged the health care system and sent jobs overseas.

But, I also know Barack is an everyday family man who makes personal responsibility the centerpiece of his life...a good dad, with a wonderful wife, raising two beautiful daughters -- reading to them, doting on every part of their lives… just like you and I do with our own children.
And like me, Barack’s Christian faith is the core of who he is as a father, husband, and public servant.

So please join me, Governor Tim Kaine, in supporting a true friend of mine for President.  I know Barack will make Virginia proud, and he’ll do the same thing for America.

Obama: I’m Barack Obama, candidate for President, and I approved this message.

Male Announcer: Paid for by Obama for America.