Obama for America

"Life Member"
30-second ad run in states including NC, OH, PA, from Sept. 29, 2008.

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[Music] Greg West: I'm a life member of the NRA -- I hunt, I fish, I love the outdoors.  I love this country and I support Barack Obama.

Male Announcer: Barack Obama supports gun rights.  Our right to defend ourselves.  The Second Amendment.  That's the truth.

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John McCain's just out of touch.  He voted to keep tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas.

Greg West: We've got problems.  And I believe Barack Obama is our best hope for true change in Washington.

Obama (voiceover): I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message.

Notes: This ad was released on the day that Obama outlined his "New Energy for America Plan" in a speech in Lansing, MI.  McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds responded with this statement: