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October 6, 2008 More Smears From the Obama Campaign

Obama campaign continues to unbelievably insist to the press and the public that 527 group "" TV ad airing last week and this week is not really airing; Obama campaign continues to insist that ad showing Obama mocking and ridiculing the bible is not really airing on TV, but is a "scam" to steal money from financial contributors.

Press and public are invited to confirm that ad is indeed running this week and ran last week by contacting Dyanna Patsko of NCC Cleveland at (216) 901-9295 to confirm that ad will be aired 48 times this week on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, food network, Oxygyn in Erie, PA; and Luanne Russell of WTAE at (412) 244-4444 in Pittsburgh, where the two-minute version of the ad will air daily on Oprah; and just in case the Obama campaign really believes the ad is not airing, a television set has been purchased for the Obama Campaign as a gift from to be picked up or sent to the Obama campaign anytime. This way the Obama Campaign can see for themselves that the ad is indeed airing in Pittsburgh and Erie, Pennsylvania.

The real question is this: why would the Obama campaign be so petrified that the American people view this ad, and why it would garner 4 million hits on in 3 months, far more than any other 527 ad on YouTube?

WASHINGTON, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following was released by :

Despite the Obama campaign's clams to the contrary, "The Real Barack Obama" -- a TV ad showing Barack Obama in his own words mocking and ridiculing passages from the Bible, did indeed air last week in Erie and Pittsburgh, PA, and will continue airing regularly throughout this week. The ad, which had also garnered 4 million hits on YouTube during the 3 month period before it was put on television, is continuing to be attacked by the Obama campaign as a "scam" that is not really an ad, despite the ad making its TV debut last week in Erie and Pittsburgh, PA, and continuing to air this week.

There was some confusion last week regarding our press release and the airing of this ad, which did not originally air as scheduled. After the ad began airing last week, it was shortly pulled out of Michigan after airing briefly on the show "Ellen" in Lansing, since the McCain campaign pulled out of Michigan. The ad was also rejected at the last moment (after previously being approved) in Altoona/Johnstown because Comcast disapproved of our appeal for financial contributions at the end of the ad.

However, the ad did indeed air in Erie (despite the Obama campaign's claim that it did not) and in Pittsburgh, and will continue airing regularly in both cities every day this week. We hope to air the ad other states as well as Pennsylvania next week.

Last week the Obama campaign (in their "Fight the Smears" website) made the scurrilous claim that the ad was a scam and not really TV ad, and that we were cheating contributors out of their money. Later in the week, they compounded their Goebbels-style lies in claiming that our ad was a "low quality video that real 527s wouldn't use," and that we are "taking people's money," implying we are stealing money from contributors.

Goebbels-style lie #1: We are not a "real 527 group." Public records filed with the IRS can expose this lie.

Goebbels-style lie #2: We are taking people's money, and are scam artists. In fact, every dollar has gone to pay for the media buys and minimal production costs. And the Obama campaign's claim that we don't have the proper disclaimer at the end of the ad saying who is paying to the ad is also a lie. Anyone viewing our ads at can see that for themselves.

Goebbels-style lie #3: Our TV ads are not really TV ads. Over 4 million viewers have seen our ad on, and many of those viewers have given us small contributions ranging from $25 to $250. Despite today's economic hard times, these contributors felt strongly enough to part with money they probably needed to help air our ads. Unlike other 527 groups who are funded by millionaires, ours has been funded by grass-roots blue-collar voters offended by the side of Barack Obama they see in our ad. We hope that as more folks see the ad, that we will eventually get help from more affluent contributors.

The Obama campaign also ridicules the ad as "unprofessional" and "poorly produced." If so, why are they so petrified of the public seeing it? Here's why:

As we mentioned in our last press release, this ad shows a side of Barack Obama (in his own words) that most Americans are not yet familiar with; an arrogant side that shows contempt for regular Americans and people of faith by arrogantly mocking and ridiculing the Bible. Obama in this ad mocks and ridicules the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, even laughing at The Sermon on the Mount. He follows up his remarks with this pearl of wisdom: "Folks haven't been reading their Bibles;" condescendingly implying the American people don't understand the Bible as wisely as he (Obama) does. The ad points out that it is Barack Obama, not the American public, who doesn't understand the Bible.

This 2006 speech by Senator Obama also reinforces Obama's contempt for Americans of faith, considering his remarks in April that small-town Americans are bitter and "cling to their guns and religion." It also will make voters re-think the Jeremiah Wright debacle, where thus far voters have given Obama a pass. This new ad showing Barack Obama, and not Jeremiah Wight, mocking and ridiculing the Bible, may help explain why Obama would belong to such a radical church.

Most negative ads put out thus far against Obama by the McCain campaign and other 527 groups have been tepid and weak; and too often ideological. Our ad, on the other hand will appeal to voters of ALL political persuasions who go to church or synagogue and take the Bible seriously. Subsequent ads we will put out will be just as hard hitting including footage of Obama laughing as he states that we shouldn't be concerned about Spanish-speaking folks who come to America having to learn English; that instead Americans should have to learn to speak Spanish; as well as Obama being so out-of-the-mainstream that he was the ONLY member of the Illinois Senate to vote "Nay" to a bill denying sexual predators early release.

The one and two minute versions of "The Real Barack Obama" (both being aired on TV today) can also be seen on the web at
Those who would like to make financial contributions to help air the ad as often as possible can do so by visiting this website.

The website also provides a link to the full text of Obama's speech, showing that the ad does not take his words out of context.

The 527 group, was created by opposition researcher Stephen Marks, who also produced some of the most hard-hitting ads of the 2000 and 2004 campaigns, regarding Al Gore and John Kerry respectively. Marks is also the author of the book Confessions of a Political Hitman and has appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs, including The O'Reilly Factor, Anderson Cooper 360, Hannity and Colmes, and NPR.

"It's obvious from the Obama campaign's actions and words that they are petrified of the American people viewing this ad; and will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, including the spreading of Goebbels-style lies, to stop folks from watching this ad and contributing to our 527 group. And it is ironic indeed that this so-called 'Fight the Smears' website not fighting smears but creating them," said Marks. "But just in case the Obama campaign is simply misguided and really believes these are not real TV ads, has purchased a TV set as gift to the Obama campaign so they can watch the TV and see the ads airing for themselves. The Obama campaign can pick up their TV or we can send it to them any time. We also urge all those Americans who have viewed the ad on to continue helping us air the ad with contributions, which can be made on line at"

Stephen Marks can be contacted at (703) 731-3539 or at

See below from the Obama campaign's "Fight the Smears" website Fight the Smears (

Scamming the faithful

Innocent people have been passing around a web video launched by a political professional and career smear peddler that turns out to be a cynical and manipulative attack on Barack Obama's reading of the Bible. The trickster's claims about Barack's faith are every bit as false as his claims that this amateurish video is really a TV ad.

The Truth About the Video

The video was launched on the scam artist's website, He claimed that the ad "will air on TV immediately following the Democratic National Convention," and he even asks for money to "help this ad air as often as possible in the key swing states."

But real TV ads are most often produced in short, even lengths -- usually 30 seconds or maybe as long as one minute. This supposed "ad" runs 2:09 and is so poorly made that it would never air on TV -- and sure enough, it still hasn't, even now that the Democratic convention has come and gone.

Far from mocking the Bible or people of faith, Barack's speech actually celebrates the role of people of faith in public life and At the beginning of October, the scammer behind this deceptive home video announced that he finally got his "ad" on TV -- but it turns out it only aired one time, at 2:00 a.m., on a single station in Pittsburgh.

Nothing has changed here. Barack Obama is still celebrating the role of faith in public life, the lies and deception in the video are still insulting and wrong, and the scammer is still untrustworthy. The amateurish clips on his website still feature the same low-quality video and audio that real 527s wouldn't use -- and the ads are also still missing the required legal disclaimer at the end saying who funded them.

The scammer's announcement sounds realistic at first, but making scams seem plausible is what tricksters like him are known for. In the end, he's even less credible now than he was when he first started taking people's money.