PRESS RELEASE from Biden for President



Mark Paustenbach/Olivia Alair


Las Vegas, NV (December 22, 2007) – The Biden for President Campaign today announced its Nevada Women for Biden Outreach Committee. Members of the committee, who include Democratic Party activists and community leaders from across Nevada, will be instrumental in helping the campaign organize throughout the state leading up to the Nevada caucuses on January 19th.

“One of the biggest reasons I am supporting Joe Biden is his Violence Against Women Act,” said former SEIU Local 1107 President Barbara Appuerle. “He also has a long history of foreign policy experience and is the only candidate who has a plan to deal with our many problems in the world.  And I appreciate his work for the Family and Medical Leave Act. I look forward to helping Joe win on caucus night.”

“Joe has the experience,” said Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod, State Democratic Central Committee Member and daughter of former Congressman Jim Bilbray. “Not only does he know what we need to do at home, he’s on a first name basis with many of the world leaders with which we so desperately need to repair our credibility nationwide. His time is now.”

"Our campaign is honored to have the support of these women leaders,” said Biden for President Nevada State Director Ronni Council. “As a native Nevadan myself who has long admired these women, I know their support will be invaluable in helping our campaign organize and build support for Sen. Biden leading up to a successful caucus night.”

In addition to Bilbray-Axelrod and Aupperle, other members of the committee include Monica Brett, Adjunct Professor at the College of Southern Nevada; Elizabeth Carter, daughter-in-law of Former President Jimmy Carter, Manager of Carter Global LLC, and Senior Vice-President of SGS Asset Management; Audrey Ehrlich, Democratic State Central Committee member and Clark County Central Committee member; Mary Ann Goormastic, seniors’ advocate and Clark County Democratic Central Committee member; Mary Hausch, UNLV Professor; Catherine Jackson, Democratic Caucus for Military Families member; Lisa Mayo DeRiso, community activist; Vicenta Montoya, NOW member and Hispanic and Democratic activist; Carolyn Renaud, health care advocate and Clark County Democratic Central Committee member; Erin Smith, UNLV Youth Voice Director of Development; Jo Sprinkle, Douglas County Democratic Central Committee member; Patricia Van Betten, Clark County Democratic Central Committee member; and Sam Weitzel, former President of UNLV Young Democrats.