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New York, NY
"Because of our proven track record, I can guarantee that the 2008 Convention will be coordinated with the utmost precision and attention to detail."
-Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg   
Two of the last eight presidential conventions have been held in the Big Apple and the Bloomberg Administration has first hand experience in planning, organizing and executing a successful convention.

New York City offers resources that are unmatched by any city in the nation.  New York is the safest big city in America, and it possesses the experience and resources to provide the most secure and well-protected convention site in the nation.

The NYPD is the largest police force in the nation with over 37,000 uniformed police officers and upwards of 10,000 civilian members.  Its size allows the NYPD to implement the highest security measures during the Convention period without compromising police coverage of the rest of the City.

New York’s transit system is the most extensive and efficient in the nation, serving more than 2.5 billion people annually.  The intra-city system features over 30 subway and commuter railroad lines and more than 200 bus routes, offering delegates fast, easy and affordable transportation throughout the City.  The extensive local transportation system is user-friendly and extremely efficient.

Convention Complex
The world-famous Madison Square Garden is one of the nation’s most technically modern arenas, offers state-of-the-art technical capacity, optimal design for television coverage, and convenient proximity to transit hubs, hotels, restaurants, stores, theaters, and a variety of other attractions.  Madison Square Garden benefits from superb facilities, a sense of intimacy, and an incredible tradition of producing remarkable events.

NYC welcomed over 41 million visitors from around the globe in 2005.  New York City as some of the finest and most varied accommodations in the world.  New York City is home to more than 230 hotels with over 71,000 hotel rooms.

NYC is the media and technology capital of the nation and offers one of the world’s most extensive communications infrastructure, from Wall Street’s global trading systems to the satellite linkages of the broadcasters.  More top corporations operate their headquarters in New York City than anywhere else.  NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox are headquartered in NYC with the three network morning programs broadcasting live from studios overlooking the City’s streets.  Seven of the top 20 cable networks are also located in NYC.

New York City has the ability to assemble a powerful coalition of labor unions, business leaders, and government entities who are committed to making the 2008 Convention a grand success.

Source: The City of New York


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