PRESS RELEASE from Kansas Republican Party

Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008

Successfully defend a United States Senate Seat, pick up a Congressional Seat, and pick up a seat in the Kansas Senate

Topeka, KS—While all counties still have to consider their provisional ballots, several things are clear according to this morning’s unofficial returns.
Here are the key points following last night’s results:
1. Republicans dominated at the top of the ticket in Kansas. McCain defeated Obama by more than 185,000 votes and Senator Roberts’ margin exceeded 282,000 statewide. There was much talk about Kansas ‘going purple’ this year with predictions of competitive contests for President and U.S. Senate. These were completely unfounded. Kansas remains bright red.
2. In fact, Republicans captured the Second District U.S. House seat in Kansas—which is one of only three Republican challenger pick-ups in the country.
3, Republicans successfully defended already large majorities in both state legislative chambers. Again, pending canvassing, Republicans appear to have 77 House seats out of 125 [down one] and 31 Senate seats out of 40 [up one.]
4. As Governor Sebelius, eagerly prepares to leave Kansas to serve in an Obama Administration, she leaves a Democrat Party that actually has fewer members of the Kansas Senate than it did the day she was elected. The Republican registration advantage statewide remains at better than 287,000 and she will leave her successor a growing sea of red ink. Whatever political success she has enjoyed has clearly been very lonely.
Kansas Republican Party Chairman Kris Kobach stated, “I am thrilled with the results in Kansas following last night’s results. All of these achievements were accomplished amidst a very challenging national environment. We want to again thank all of our outstanding Republican candidates for the work they did on advance voting, registration and turnout efforts this year. It made a real difference.”
Executive Director Christian Morgan added, “In particular, we want to commend Senator Pat Roberts for assembling and financing the most effective field operation in state Republican history. For all the talk of the “Obama Effect” in Kansas politics. It appears the “Roberts Effect” is much stronger. And, we extend our congratulations to Congresswoman-elect Lynn Jenkins who demonstrated through her victory last night that Kansans want fiscal responsibility returned to Congress.