PRESS RELEASE from Alaska Democratic Party

For immediate release: Feb. 13, 2008

Results Complete for Alaska Democratic Presidential Caucuses

Obama wins 75% of Alaska delegates, gets 3 times more votes than John McCain

Anchorage The Alaska Democratic Party today released updated results from the Feb. 5 Alaska Democratic Presidential Caucuses.

With 100% of the districts reporting, Barack Obama received 75%, or 306 delegates of 411 state convention delegates awarded. Hillary Clinton received 25% or 104 delegates. Uncommitted received one delegate.

Obama, winner of the Alaska Democratic caucuses, received 1,296 more votes than the winner of the Alaska Republican caucuses, Mitt Romney, and three times more votes than the presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain, received in Alaska (Obama 6,674 votes; Romney 5,378 votes; McCain 1,894 votes).

Almost 9,000 Alaskans cast votes for President at the Democratic caucuses held Feb. 5 at 41 locations across the state. The record turnout in 2008 was more than 12 times the turnout in 2004, and far more than anticipated, said Democratic Party spokeswoman Kay Brown. More than 3,000 of the participants were newly registered Democrats, Brown said.

For complete district-by-district results, see

Delegates are elected from each State House District to attend the Alaska Democratic Party's state convention based on the candidates' proportional strength in the presidential fan out Feb. 5. The state convention will be May 23-25 in Palmer, Alaska. At the state convention, 13 delegates will be elected to the 2008 Democratic National Convention based on the candidates' proportional strength at the fan out there. Alaska has an additional 5 "unpledged" delegates to the national convention, for a total of 18 delegates to the national convention.

With 100 % of districts reporting:

% of delegates awarded to each candidate/number of delegates awarded/number of supporters at caucus:

Barack Obama 75.2% - 306 delegates 6,674 supporters
Hillary Clinton 24.7% - 104 delegates 2,194 supporters
Uncommitted .1% - 1 delegate 12 supporters

Total delegates awarded: 411
Total number of participants voting at caucuses: 8,880