Official Call: AK Rep. State Convention 2008

This is the official Call for the Alaska Republican State Convention.
To: Republican Voters in Alaska

In compliance with the Rules of the Alaska Republican Party, the State Central Committee calls a STATE CONVENTION in Anchorage, Alaska of elected delegates from its forty election districts on March 13 -15, 2008. The State Republican Convention shall elect State officers and 26 Alaskan delegates to the National Republican Convention, adopt State Party Rules, Platform and Resolutions and conduct such other business as may properly come before said convention.

Registered Republican voters of the several legislative districts who are in accord with the principles of the Republican Party and are in sympathy with its aims and purposes are invited to unite under this call in the selection of delegates to said convention. All Alaskans are invited to register at their district conventions and participate in this process.


1. State Convention delegates from the various districts have been apportioned on the basis of the Republican US House of Representative Candidate’s vote in the last preceding Alaska State General Election and are shown below. Each district is apportioned one alternate delegate for each delegate.

2. Each delegate and alternate shall be a qualified Republican voter in his/her district. Should he/she not appear as a Republican on the current Voter Registration List, he/she must furnish proof of registration.

3. Upon registering for the District Convention, each delegate shall indicate their preference for a Qualified Presidential Candidate. The District Chairman shall certify to the State Chairman the number of votes for each Qualified Presidential Candidate.

4. State convention delegates and alternates shall be elected at large by a plurality of a District Convention convened after Feb 5 and adjourned before Feb 12 at a time and place as shall be designated by the respective District Committee.

5. There shall be no proxies at any level of this convention process.

6. No delegate or alternate to the District or State Convention shall be bound by any attempt of a district to impose the unit rule or block voting. The district delegates’ preference vote fixes the distribution of pledged national convention delegates.

7. Notice showing date, time and place for District Conventions shall be posted on the ARP website, published in a general circulation publication or posted in a public location not less than no less than 30 days prior to the said District Conventions.

8. District committees shall take action to achieve the broadest possible participation of all qualified Republican voters in the delegate selections process. Participation may in no way be abridged for reasons of sex, religion, race, color, age or national origin.

10. The delegate fee for the State Convention shall be $225. The alternate fee shall be $200.

District- (# of Delegates)
1-(14), 2-(12), 3- (10), 4- (13), 5- (12), 6- (12), 7- (17), 8- (13), 9- (11), 10- (9)
11- (19), 12- (14), 13- (22), 14- (21), 15- (20), 16- (22), 17- (19), 18- (8), 19- (13), 20- (7)
21-(14), 22- (8), 23- (8), 24- (11), 25- (9), 26- (12), 27- (15), 28- (18), 29- (12), 30- (16)
31- (20), 32- (21), 33- (17), 34- (19), 35- (14), 36- (12), 37- (9), 38- (8), 39- (10), 40- (9)