PRESS RELEASES from the Montana Republican Party

Thursday, August 16, 2007

MT GOP Rules Committee Unanimously Passes Proposed Presidential Caucus

The MT GOP Press Release following the Rules Committee Meeting Helena -

The Montana Republican Party Rules Committee met today and unanimously approved a proposed rule change providing for a Republican Presidential Caucus in Montana next February.   The rule change proposal will now be brought before the full Republican State Central Committee later this month.

    "The Republican grassroots are excited and energized about this proposal," said MT GOP Chairman Erik Iverson.  "Republicans around the state are responding positively to the chance to give Montana real input in the Presidential election.  The unanimous support of the members of the Rules Committee speaks to the broad appeal this reform plan has in every corner of Montana."
    The Rules Committee recommended one amendment to the proposed rule.  The amendment, also unanimously adopted, will allow Republican officeholders at
the county level, such as county commissioners, to also participate in the caucus.  "This is a great step forward in bringing more people into the Presidential primary process," said Rules Committee member and Missoula County Republican Central Committee Chair Will Deschamps.  "The idea behind this proposal is to give more Montanans real input into who becomes the Republican Presidential Nominee, and the enthusiasm I've seen in Missoula County demonstrates that this Presidential Caucus will do just that."

    With passage from the Rules Committee, the proposal will be automatically presented before the next full meeting of the State Central Committee, which is scheduled to meet on August 25th in Helena.  At that meeting, it must receive a two-thirds majority vote to be adopted.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


February 5th Caucus Will Give Montana A Voice In The Nominating Process

HELENA – In a vote that included representatives from every corner of Big Sky Country, the Montana Republican Party adopted a proposal today to hold a Presidential Preference Caucus in February of 2008.

“This is a very positive step forward not just for Republicans but for all Montanans.  Finally, Montana will have a voice in the Presidential Nominating process,” said Montana Republican Party Chairman Erik Iverson.  “By moving up to a February caucus, we can no longer be ignored.  Candidates will have to talk about Montana issues and spend some time in the state if they hope to win Montana’s support.”

The proposal required a two-thirds majority to be adopted, and received support from counties across the state.  Proponents like Will Deschamps, Chairman of the Missoula County Republican Central Committee, echoed Iverson’s statements that this proposal will energize the grassroots and give Presidential Candidates a reason to pay attention to Montana.

“This is a great opportunity for our state to stand up and be heard, and Montanans are genuinely excited about it,” said Deschamps.  “When it comes to electing our next President, Montanans deserve a chance to weigh in, and this proposal gives us that chance.”

Iverson noted that the caucus will supplement the state’s Primary Election in June and that every Montana voter can still cast a ballot for President at that time.  “Denton, Montana is just as important as Des Moines, Iowa.  This will enhance Montana’s influence on the national level ,” said Iverson.