Reactions to the Feb. 12, 2008 Potomac Primary(ies)

PRESS RELEASE from Republican Party of Virginia

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Friday, February 12, 2008                                

RPV Chairman Hager Comments on Virginia Primaries

RICHMOND, VA – Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Hager released the following statement in reaction to the results of Virginia’s presidential primaries.

“I want to congratulate Senator McCain on his victory today in Virginia’s presidential primary. Governor Huckabee and Congressman Paul should also be proud of their hard-fought campaigns here in the Commonwealth.

“After watching each of the candidates from both parties campaign throughout Virginia, it is clear that voters will face a clear choice this November.  The Republican candidates have shown that they possess the character and leadership experience required to win the War on Terror, reduce government spending, support a culture of life, and move America forward.

“In stark contrast, Barack Obama – America’s most liberal U.S. Senator – lacks the experience necessary to be Commander-in-Chief.  Despite his rhetoric, he offers only the same old liberal policies of higher taxes, bigger government, and retreat in the War on Terror.   Virginians have rejected these policies in the past, and I’m confident they will do so again in November.”

Virginia’s Republican primary is winner-take-all and will bind its Delegates on the first round of balloting at the Republican National Convention.  For more information on becoming a Delegate to the National or State Conventions, visit our website,


PRESS RELEASE from John McCain 2008


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ARLINGTON, VA -- U.S. Senator John McCain's Campaign Manager Rick Davis issued the following statement on John McCain's Virginia primary victory:
"We congratulate Governor Huckabee and his supporters on their strong showing tonight in Virginia.

"John McCain will be the Republican nominee for president. He will continue to campaign hard in the coming contests across the country and unify the Republican Party for victory in November.

"John McCain will continue to run on his core conservative principles. The stakes could not be higher in this election, and John McCain will contrast his vision for America with that of Senators Clinton and Obama. He will draw sharp contrasts: victory versus surrender to radical Islamic extremism; lower taxes and spending versus more big government; free-market solutions to health care versus costly mandates; and the appointment of strict constructionist judges versus those who legislate from the bench."