PRESS RELEASE from Wisconsin Democratic Party

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Preliminary Wisconsin Democratic Delegate Count

Based on return numbers yesterday, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is reporting preliminary pledged delegate count from the Democratic primary. The DPW will report official delegate counts when the Government Accountability board finishes its official election canvass.

Of the 74 delegates allotted today, 42 will be pledged to Senator Obama and 32 to Senator Clinton. Forty eight of today’s delegates are allotted by Congressional District. A CD breakdown is included below. The remaining 26 delegates are allotted based on the statewide vote total.

1st CD:              3 Obama, 3 Clinton                                5th CD:              3 Obama, 2 Clinton
2nd CD:             5 Obama, 3 Clinton                               6th CD:              3 Obama, 2 Clinton
3rd CD:             3 Obama, 3 Clinton                                7th CD:              3 Obama, 3 Clinton
4th CD:             4 Obama, 2 Clinton                                8th CD:              3 Obama, 3 Clinton

At large delegates:         9 Obama, 7 Clinton
PLEO delegates:           6 Obama, 4 Clinton

Through the next few months, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will fill the pledged delegate positions with people from around the state. Anyone wanting to run for delegate must file a statement of intent with the State Party. Congressional District delegates will be selected through county and CD caucuses, and at large and PLEO (Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official) delegates will be chosen by the DPW administrative committee.

For more information on the delegate allocation or the delegate selection process, contact Rachel Strauch-Nelson at 608-260-2406 or