PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President

April 19, 2008

Contact: Press Office (Clinton), 703-875-1271

Brad Bauman (Ryan) (202) 294-3702

Congressman Tim Ryan Pledges Support For Hillary Clinton For President

Congressman Tim Ryan formally announced his support for the candidacy of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for President today. Citing her experience and economic platform, Congressman Ryan believes that Hillary Clinton, if elected President, is in the best position to create jobs and economic growth in Northeast Ohio.

"The people of the 17th district overwhelmingly voted for Senator Clinton in the Democratic primary and today I officially pledge my support for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Throughout the 1990s, Senator Clinton working alongside President Bill Clinton had a proven record of economic growth and higher wages for America's working families," said Congressman Tim Ryan. "People in the seventeenth district of Ohio would enjoy a return to strong economic growth, millions of jobs being created and a rise in wages. I look forward to working with her to see that our community is the beneficiary of her economic policies."

"I am honored to have Congressman Ryan's support," said Clinton. "Tim is a vital voice for the rights of our working class, and I look forward to having his help spreading our message of change and experience throughout Ohio and the United States."

Tim Ryan was elected to represent Ohio's 17th Congressional District in November of 2002. Now in his third term, Ryan has proven himself to be a champion for the working families of Ohio's and across the country. In Congress, Ryan sits on  Appropriations Committee and the Steering and Policy Committee. He is also the co-chair of the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus.