PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President

May 9, 2008


Contact: Press Office


Congressman Chris Carney Endorses Hillary Clinton For President


 On the heels of her “tie-breaker” win in Indiana and decisive victory in Pennsylvania , Congressman Chris Carney today announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. Carney represents Pennsylvania ’s 10th Congressional District.


"I have watched this primary process very closely--and as I said I would do, I have weighed the temperament and leadership displayed by Senators Clinton and Obama during the course of this campaign. We are extremely fortunate to have two very strong candidates vying to lead our nation. Pennsylvania 's 10th District overwhelmingly chose Senator Clinton in the Pennsylvania primary and I will respect their decision. On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to meet with Senator Clinton, and let her know Thursday that I am supporting her," said Congressman Carney.   


Congressman Chris Carney was elected to represent Pennsylvania ’s 10th Congressional District in 2006. Before joining Congress, Carney served at the Pentagon as an intelligence analyst and senior advisor on intelligence and counterterrorism issues. He coordinated counterterrorism activities in the Middle East and later worked on the integration of national-level intelligence products in the effort to destroy international terrorist networks. A Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy Reserve, Carney has served multiple tours overseas.


"I am honored to have the support of Congressman Chris Carney," said Hillary Clinton. "Chris has run and won in a competitive district in a key battleground state. He understands what it takes to bring people together. I look forward to relying upon his advice and expertise on national security and foreign affairs as we work together to restore America’s leadership in the world.”