received from Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee, Inc.


TO:         Nevada media and interested parties
FROM:   Hilarie Grey, Nevada Communications Director
RE:          By the numbers: Nevadans for Hillary grows at the grassroots
DATE:    July 11, 2007

Six months into the campaign, we wanted to give you an overview of the excitement Hillary Clinton is generating at the grassroots level in Nevada. Our staff and volunteers have been working hard, building a statewide, grassroots organization unlike anything the Silver State has seen before.

“Senator Clinton’s Nevada campaign is strong, focused and on-track, growing an experienced staff as well as a corps of incredibly dedicated volunteers in every corner of the state,” said Clinton Nevada Chair Rory Reid. “Our efforts have gone from zero-to-sixty in just a matter of weeks, and our momentum continues to build as people get to know the experience and vision Hillary Clinton will bring to the White House.”

Evidence of the campaign’s strength continues to emerge, including last week’s announcement of endorsements from Las Vegas City Councilman Ricki Barlow, Nye County School Board President Dennis Keating and North Las Vegas City Councilwoman Stephanie Smith - and another prominent Nevadan will be named to the campaign’s national leadership team next week.

The numbers below present a snapshot of how Hillary Clinton’s Nevada campaign has been growing at the grassroots during the first half of 2007.  Numbers reflect totals through June 30, 2007.

Over 3,860 volunteer hours worked by a diverse and dedicated corps of supporters throughout Nevada.

109 Nevada endorsements for Senator Clinton, including the founding members of three Nevada Leadership Councils comprised of leaders in the Hispanic, African American and Asian-American Pacific Islander communities.  Each of these Leadership Councils is expanding its membership, with more members from a wide range of industries and backgrounds lending their time and community knowledge to our organizing efforts.

Nevada leaders such as Treasurer Kate Marshall, Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, former Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa and Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce Chair Robert Gomez bring incredible knowledge, energy and grassroots know-how to the Nevadans for Hillary leadership team.

In addition, Senator Clinton has tapped prominent Nevadans for key strategic roles in her national campaign, including former Governor Bob Miller (co-chair, Governors’ Council) and Senate Minority Leader Dina Titus (co-chair, “Women of the West”).  Four Nevadans were named to the national steering committee, Veterans and Military Retirees for Hillary.  Prominent Nevadans have also been named to several other national leadership groups.

15,370 Nevadans who have seen Senator Clinton during her four visits to the Silver State.

2,213 Nevadans who have attended other campaign events, including volunteer mobilization efforts, office openings in Las Vegas and Reno and other activities.

318 Nevadans who have gathered to watch Senator Clinton in the first debates of campaign season at debate parties hosted by supporters north and south.

6,427 bumper stickers, 2,014 pins and 1,112 rally signs distributed from our two offices, now proudly displayed by Nevada supporters.

7 national campaign leaders who have visited the Silver State on behalf of Senator Clinton:  Ann Lewis, Senior Advisor; civil rights leader Raul Yzaguirre, national co-chair and chair of Hispanic outreach; Terry McAuliffe, national campaign chair; Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, national campaign co-chair & Gulf States regional chair; Bob Nash, Deputy Campaign Manager; President Bill Clinton; Human rights advocate Dolores Huerta, chair of Hispanic outreach.

Over 15,000 miles driven across the state by Clinton Nevada staff, with the campaign’s rural organizing staff accounting for over half those miles.

… and in the Nevadans for Hillary offices:  2,310 Girl Scout cookies, 508.2 pots of coffee and 6,468 glasses of Kool-Aid consumed.

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