PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President

October 2, 2007

Contact: Mark Daley or Stephanie Bjornson

Ready For Change?
“Hill Yea!”

Iowa Students for Hillary

DES MOINES, IA – Iowans for Hillary today unveiled the leaders of “Hill Yea!” a team of Iowan students supporting Hillary Clinton. These students have united behind Senator Clinton because she is the most qualified and experienced candidate to help make college more affordable, create more jobs and improve our nation’s education system.  On campuses across Iowa, “Hill Yea!” members will work to increase student participation in the caucuses for Hillary Clinton.

“I am a leader of the Students for Hillary organization at Iowa State University because I believe Senator Clinton has the strength and experience to bring the change our country needs so badly,” said Sarah Sunderman, co-chair of Students for Hillary and former president of the College Democrats at Iowa State University. “She has fought for students like me to make a college education more affordable and she is the only candidate who can hit the ground running on day one in the Oval Office.”

“I support Hillary Clinton because I am ready for change in America and she is ready to lead,” said Cody Eliff, co-chair of Students for Hillary at the University of Iowa. “No other candidate has her incredible combination of experience, knowledge, strength, compassion and vision and college students will have a powerful advocate when she is in the White House.”

“I am so honored and humbled to have the support of these young Americans because they truly are the future of our country,” said Senator Clinton. “Their efforts within their school networks will strengthen our overall organization in Iowa and help bring us one step closer to achieving our shared goals of making college more affordable, achieving universal health care and ending the war in Iraq.”

Senator Clinton has fought to make college more affordable over the past seven years by working to increase the maximum Pell grant, lowering interest rates on student loans, and fighting for more need-based financial aid, such as work-study, Perkins loans, and the Leveraging Education Assistance Program (LEAP).  She also introduced the Student Borrowers Bill of Rights to ensure lenders provide students with access to student loans with fair terms.  As President, she will help students secure the loans they need and will curb the practice of unscrupulous lenders exploiting students.

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“Hill Yea!” Student Leaders for Hillary: