PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President
October 22, 2007

Central Valley Elected Officials and Democratic Leaders Endorse Hillary Clinton

The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsement of Democratic leaders from the Central Valley. The men and women supporting Hillary Clinton include assembly members, mayors, mayors pro tempore, councilmembers, school board officials and commissioners as well as several Democratic organizations that believe Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience to bring the change that Californians and Central Valley residents need and want.

“I am grateful to all those who are endorsing the need for change in this country and I am eagerly looking forward to visiting the Central Valley,” said Clinton who will visit Fresno High School for a rally on Monday morning.

”As the next President of the United States, Hillary will lead this nation in a direction of hope, change and prosperity,” said Assemblymember Juan Arambula (D-Fresno). “Senator Clinton is the most qualified candidate in the race having tackled such critical issues as healthcare, education, job creation and a strong defense. Hillary Clinton is a positive change for our country and most especially for the Central Valley. I am proud and honored to offer my strong endorsement for Senator Hillary Clinton. ”

"I believe Senator Hillary Clinton understands the importance of Fresno and the Central Valley as it pertains to the nation as a whole," said Cynthia Sterling, Fresno City Councilwoman. "Our area has the highest concentration of poverty and yet we are the place that feeds the world. Senator Clinton will be a champion for our area in bringing the necessary resources to sustain a healthy agriculture economy. As President, I know that Hillary Clinton will ensure that Fresno and the valley is foremost on her mind when it comes to such tough issues as immigration, high unemployment and affordable housing."

"Senator Clinton has a great understanding and insight on critical issues facing our nation as well as the Central Valley. Senator Clinton's efforts on the environment, health care, education, and the economy are important to our quality of life here in the Central Valley and Fresno," said Fresno City Councilmember Blong Xiong.


Central Valley Leaders who Endorse
Hillary Clinton for President:

Juan Arambula, Assemblymember Fresno
Sarah Reyes, Former Assemblymember Fresno

Grace Vallejo, Mayor Pro Tem Delano
Terry McKittrick, Mayor Dinuba
Karen Humphrey, Former Mayor of Fresno
Joaquin Gonzalez, Former Mayor Hanford
Ramon Dominguez, Mayor Huron
Hilda Plasencia, Mayor Pro Tem Huron
Trinidad Rodriguez, Mayor Kerman
Joseph Riofrio, Mayor Mendota
Robert Silva, Mayor Pro Tem Mendota
Victor Lopez, Mayor Orange Cove
Armando Lopez, Mayor Parlier
Dennis Lujan, Mayor Pro Tem Selma
Fran Florez, Mayor Pro Tem Shafter

Cynthia Sterling, Councilmember Fresno
Henry T. Perea, Council President Fresno
Blong Xiong, Councilmember Fresno
Sal Quintero, Former Councilmember Fresno
Raji Brar, Councilmember Arvin
Ruben Hill, Councilmember Delano
Thomas Payan, Councilmember Dinuba
Emilio “Joey” Morales, Councilmember Dinuba
Diane Maldonado, Councilmember Parlier
Yolanda Padilla, Councilmember Parlier
Raul Villanueva, Councilmember Parlier
Pedro Martinez, Councilmember Porterville
Anita Betancourt, Councilmember Reedley
Dan Clark, Councilmember Ridgecrest
Ronald Carter, Councilmember Ridgecrest
Sandra Neri, Councilmember Sanger
Jim Avalos, Councilmember Selma
Carlton Jones, Councilmember Tulare
Fred West Jr. Councilmember Wasco

School Board Members
Dorothy "Dotti" Smith, Trustee State Center Community College District
Tony Vang, School Board Member, Fresno Unified School District
Miguel Arias, School Board Member Mendota Unified School District
Isabel Maldonado, School Board Member Mendota Unified School District
Jesse Maldonado, Former School Board Member Mendota Unified School District
Enrique Maldonado, School Board Member Parlier Unified School District
Johnny L. Smith, School Board Member, Selma Unified School District
Dr. David L. Schecter, Professor California State University Fresno
Dr. Mitzi Lowe, Professor California State University Fresno

Enrique Reade, Chair Human Relations Commission Fresno

Democratic Organizations
Joel Murillo, Chair Fresno County Dem. Central Committee / Chair La Raza Lawyers Association
Billie MacDougall, Past President Fresno Democratic Women's Club
Gail Gaston, Past President Fresno Democratic Women's Club
Ray Ensher, Past President Fresno Democratic Women’s Club & Kennedy Club of San Joaquin Valley
Patsy Montgomery, President Kennedy Club of San Joaquin
Kathy Eisele, Treasurer Madera Democratic Club
Mary Stanley, Past President National Women’s Political Caucus Fresno
Pat Barr, President-Elect National Women's Political Caucus Fresno
Alberta Ferrer, Past President National Women's Political Caucus Fresno
Barbara Waldron, Chair Tulare County Democratic Central Committee
Fred Davis, President Visalia Democratic Club