PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President

November 8, 2007

Iowa Press Office

Over 250 Iowa Women to Lead TEAM HILLARY

DES MOINES, IA – Today, Iowans for Hillary announced the names of over 250 women who have joined the Women’s Leadership Council for Team Hillary, a grassroots network of women working to make history by electing Hillary president of the United States.  Team Hillary is committed to increasing the participation of women in the caucuses by working within their community networks, church groups and family ties.

The leaders have united behind Hillary because of her incredible record fighting for families, making college more affordable, and expanding access to affordable health care. With her depth of experience, working women and families recognize they will have a powerful advocate in the White House.

“Hillary Clinton has been a tireless advocate for families and children and has proved she can deliver by providing six million children health insurance through her spearheading of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program,” said Former First Lady Christie Vilsack. “Working families need an advocate like Hillary Clinton in the White House and I will do everything I can to support her across Iowa.”

“Supporting Hillary was an easy choice for me. She is a leader, a uniter, and has never stopped fighting for America’s working families,” said former Iowa Attorney General and Director of the Office of Violence Against Women, Bonnie Campbell. “I have watched Hillary since she was First Lady fighting to improve our schools and expanding access to affordable and quality health care. She is our greatest defender and I will do everything I can to help make her successful in the caucuses.”

“As a mother herself, Hillary understands the difficulties in balancing work and family and has proposed to expand the Family and Medical Leave Act for that reason,” said Iowa State Senator Staci Appel. “Hillary is an advocate for families and will fight to provide a safe and happy future for my kids. Hillary has worked so hard to help my family so I will do the same for her.”

Team Hillary is a key component of my campaign in Iowa,” said Senator Clinton.  “I am honored to have the support and efforts of this talented and hard working group of women leaders across Iowa.”

In July, the campaign released the names of over 100 Women’s Leadership Council members.

Women’s Leadership Council for Hillary: (Titles for identification purposes only)