PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President

November 13, 2007

Contact: Nevada Press Office

Clinton Campaign Announces Nevada Business Leadership Council

Business Professionals to Advise Campaign, Mobilize Support Among Silver State Voters

The Clinton campaign today announced the formation of the Nevada Business Leadership Council, a group of business professionals and community leaders endorsing Hillary’s bid for the Presidency. The council will advise the campaign on business, finance and trade issues and lead efforts to mobilize Nevada caucus goers to turn out for Hillary.

"Hillary Clinton has the depth of understanding and breadth of experience to restore our nation’s place in the global economy," said former Las Vegas Mayor Jan Jones. "She understands that we need both a strong business community and a strong workforce – and that the two are not mutually exclusive. As president, Hillary will value innovation, bringing new industries and ideas to the forefront of the national agenda. She will also restore fiscal responsibility to our government and ensure that all Americans can share in the fruits of a prosperous economy.”

“In a world in which we are increasingly competing on a global scale, Hillary Clinton has the leadership skills to bring about the change America needs making this country better and stronger, and that is good for business,” said Phil Satre, former Chairman and CEO of Harrah’s Entertainment Incorporated. “Hillary is committed to improving the lives of all Americans who will benefit from her plans to improve education, reduce our dependency on foreign oil and create new green collar jobs. I am excited to work with the campaign to deliver the Silver State for Hillary.”

“Hillary Clinton possesses the vision, intellect, and experience necessary to put our country back on the right track," said CEO Howard Lefkowitz. "We face a deficit that is spiraling out of control, credibility issues among the nations of the world, cynicism among our own population, huge health care issues, and precious little room for a prosperous middle class. I believe that as president, Hillary will work to resolve the most pressing issues hindering our nation and fight to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.”

“The campaign is fortunate to have the support of this diverse group of respected business leaders and community activists who work every day to strengthen Nevada’s vibrant economy,” said Clinton Nevada Chair Rory Reid. “Members of the Business Leadership Council understand the issues most affecting hardworking Nevadans trying to pursue the American dream, and we look forward to working with them to mobilize caucus goers for Hillary.”

Members of Hillary Clinton’s Nevada Business Leadership Council include: