PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President

November 16, 2007

Contact: Nevada Press Office

Clinton Campaign Launches Nevada Students For Hillary

More Than 90 College and High School Students Sign On to Support Hillary

The Clinton campaign today announced that more than 90 college and high school students throughout the Silver State have launched Nevada Students for Hillary. Members of Nevada Students for Hillary are speaking to friends, classmates and neighbors, knocking on doors and volunteering at campaign offices across Nevada in an effort to mobilize caucus goers for Hillary.

“Hillary’s campaign in Nevada has been energized by the support of young people excited to be a part of history,” said Clinton Nevada Chair Rory Reid.  “Both younger students helping out on the ground and those getting ready to cast their first votes know how important this election will be to their future.  We’re proud to have such a strong and growing network of Nevada students at work for Hillary.”

Hillary Clinton is committed to helping young Americans realize their full potential through college affordability programs, improving access to higher education and creating new jobs.

Inaugural members of Nevada Students for Hillary over the age of 18 include:

Isidro Aleman, UNLV
Kalia Alvarez, UNLV
Brian Benedict, UNR
Jennylee Berns, International Academy of Design & Technology
Gina Billino, UNR
Nicole  Carmona, UNR
Sung Eun Chang, UNR
Alissa Cooley, UNLV
Jessica  Courtwright, UNR
Kimmie Davis, UNR
Devin Fitzsimmons, Silverado High School
Jeremiah Frank, UNR
Omar Garcia, UNLV
Jennifer Gould, UNR
Amna Haider, UNLV
Peter Harshauser, Liberty High School
Rochelle Hathaway, UNR
Jon Hovda, University of Oklahoma (satellite campus)
Jessica Kusak, Nevada State College
Grigory Lukin, UNR
Amy MacQuarrie, UNR
Rachel Mason, UNLV
Megan Miller, Bishop Gorman High School
Bryce Moir, College of Southern Nevada
Doug Moyer, UNR
Lindsey Odom, UNLV
Jennifer Overstreet, UNLV
Briana Parker, UNLV
Charmaine Pasalo, UNLV
Alysia Peters, UNLV
Jessica Poling-Goldenne, UNLV
Jennifer Polito, UNLV
AJ Purisima, UNR
Cameron Robinson, Nevada State College
Jasmine Rucker, College of Southern Nevada
Gianna Russo, UNLV
Brianna Schusterick, UNR
Erin Schweber, UNR
Marissa Simons, UNR
Warren Sprague, College of Southern Nevada
Sarah Swatzburg, UNR
Gillian   Urbani, UNR
Lauren Walter, UNLV
Jamie Worthington, UNR
Anna Ziegler, UNR

Nevada Students for Hillary also includes 43 high school students under the age of 18 whose names are not being released for privacy reasons.