PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President
December 19, 2007

Former DNC Chairman Don Fowler Endorses Clinton

(COLUMBIA, SC) – Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Don Fowler endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton as the right choice for President on a conference call with members of the media today, emphasizing Clinton’s readiness to immediately get to work fixing the failures of the Bush administration.

Statement by Don Fowler, Former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee

“It is imperative that Americans elect a Democratic President in 2008. It is essential for America and the world. Hillary Clinton is that person and she has my support and endorsement.

“Hillary Clinton understands and cares for people of all sorts and conditions. She is an intelligent and wise leader who understands American government and politics better than anyone else in the race.

“Hillary Clinton has both courage and compassion: Courage to face those who sow discord and hatred, and compassion to understand the needs of the young and disadvantaged. And she has the leadership skills to fashion policies and programs that will bring hope and a better life for all Americans. Democrats have a special responsibility for the young and disadvantaged, and Senator Clinton has spent a lifetime in both public and private activities seeking to secure greater opportunities for these special people.

“She also understands the distinct challenges faced by middle-class Americans after seven years of neglect and abuse by the Bush Administration. As a Senator, as First Lady, as an exceptional attorney and caring citizen, she has honed her leadership skills to address the problems of poor schools, an unfair tax system, disappearing jobs, and irresponsible fiscal policies that threaten Medicare and Social Security. She combines strength of character and intellectual toughness that will restore confidence and optimism to America’s middle-class.

“Senator Clinton has the historical perspective, the real life experience, the understanding, and the moral commitment to restore the respect for America in the international community that has been lost during seven years of disastrous adventurism by the Bush Administration.

“Hillary Clinton has the political acumen and wisdom to be elected, and the compassion and good sense to be a great President. Hillary Clinton is our hope for the future.”