December 20, 2007

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Iowans for Hillary Announces the Names of 535 Iowa Military Veteran Supporters

DES MOINES, IA – Building on campaign momentum, Iowans for Hillary today announced the names of 535 Iowa Veterans who are supporting Hillary Clinton. Veterans throughout the Hawkeye State have signed on to support Hillary because of her strong record of enacting the change Veterans need.

“We need a president with the strength and experience to take on the toughest challenges, someone who has a lifetime record of getting results,” said retired Lieutenant Colonel and US Representative Leonard Boswell (D-IA 3rd). “Hillary Clinton will end the war in Iraq. She has the experience and the wisdom to get us out of Iraq, protect our troops in the process and work toward stability and peace in this troubled region of the world.”

Rep. Boswell served in the US Army for twenty years, earning two Distinguished Flying Crosses, two Bronze Stars, the Soldier’s Medal, and numerous other decorations and medals.

Iowa Veterans understand that real leadership only comes with years of experience and that’s why they are increasingly standing in Hillary’s corner. Over the past week, the campaign’s energy has multiplied after receiving endorsements from the Des Moines Register, former Senator Bob Kerrey, US Congressman Leonard Boswell, and Iowa Secretary of State Michael Mauro.

“When I am President, the days of cowboy diplomacy will be over; and if President Bush does not end the war in Iraq, I will,” said Senator Clinton. “Unlike the current Administration, I will treat our nation’s Veterans with the respect they deserve, providing them the health care and support they need.”

Iowans for Hillary first released the names of Iowa Veterans supporting Hillary on November 13. Below is a complete list of names.

Veteran Co-Chairs:

·         U.S. Representative and Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Boswell (Ret.) of Des Moines; Army, twenty years of service, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, two Bronze Stars, Soldier’s Medal and numerous other decoration others

·         Chuck Butler of De Witt; Army, Korea and Vietnam, Purple Heart, Army, 1950-70, Commendation Medal, seven Vietnam Campaign Stars, two Korea Campaign Stars

·         Sgt. Major Dean Cox, U.S.A. (Ret.) of Corydon; Navy/Army, WWII, former Chair of the Iowa Veterans Council

·         State Senator Bill Dotzler of Waterloo; Army, Vietnam Era

·         Ron Healey of Durango; Army, Vietnam War, 1971-1972, Bronze Star

·         Dan Homan of Des Moines; Army, 1971-1973

·         State Senator Wally Horn of Cedar Rapids; Army, 1953-1955

·         Erma Maine of Columbus Junction; Navy, 1958-1960

·         Miguel Moreno of Glenwood; Marine Corps, Vietnam War

·         Lt. Col. Harvey Sims, U.S.A. (Ret.) of Des Moines; Army 1942-1988

·         Kent Sovern of Des Moines; Army, Vietnam War

·         John Tuttle of Norwalk; Army, Vietnam Era, Former Iowa State Commander of the American Legion

·         State Representative Roger Wendt of Sioux City; Army, Korean Era


Veterans for Hillary:

·         Larry Aalbers of Newton; Army, Vietnam

·         Harold Adams of Osage; Army, 1941-45, Purple Heart

·         George Aldrich of Brandon; Air Force, Korea

·         Jim Almquist of Urbandale; Army, 55-57

·         James Ambrose of Churdan; Army, Vietnam

·         Danny Anderson of Clinton; Navy

·         Donald Anderson of Marshalltown; Army, Army

·         Theodore Andrews of Fort Dodge; Army, 1969-1971

·         George Anthony of Des Moines; Air Force, 1963-67

·         John Antol of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         Michael Apling of Janesville; Marines Corps, Vietnam War

·         Dennis Ary of Vinton; Army, 1972-74

·         George Ashby of Murray; Army, WWII

·         Jesse Atkins of Dubuque; Army, WWII

·         Rod Atkinson of Bettendorf; Army, WWII

·         James Bagatti of Des Moines; Navy, 1942-46

·         Roy L. Balbort of Burlington; Army, 1967-69

·         Melvin Bartels of Hudson; Army, Korean Era

·         Bart Bartolomeo of Coralville; Navy, WWII

·         James Batcheller of Fort Dodge; Navy, Vietnam

·         William Baum of Dubuque; Navy, Vietnam

·         Donald Bean of Marion; Army, Korean

·         Fred Bebout of Newton; Army, Army

·         Darrell Beede of Montezuma; Army Air Corps, WWII

·         Paul Behr of Dubuque ; Marines, 1966-67

·         Gaylord "Swede" Belgrade of Adel; Navy, Vietnam War

·         Gilbert Bell of Windsor Heights; Navy, WWII

·         Omer Bennett of Perry; Navy, Korean War

·         Thomas Berdo of Washington; Army, WWII

·         Robert Berry of Mason City; Navy, 1945-46

·         Harry F. Bethards of Richland; Navy, WWII and Korean War

·         Melvin Beyer of Dows; Army, Korea

·         Richard Billings of Fort Dodge; Army, Vietnam

·         James Bird of Des Moines; Navy, Korea

·         Alfanso Bisignano of Des Moines; Army, 42-46

·         Douglas Bisland of Sioux City; Army Air Corps, 1942-1946

·         Merle Biwer of Charles City; Army, WWII

·         Richard Bliss of Burlington; Army, WWII

·         Kenneth Blodgett of Council Bluffs; Army, 68-61

·         Donald Blum of Nashua; Marine Corps, Korean War

·         Maynard Boatwright of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         John Boland of Dubuque; Navy, 1952-56

·         William Booe of Hinton; Navy, 1959-63

·         Edward Bosley of Des Moines; Marine Corps, Korea

·         Arthur Bowman of Preston; Army, WWII

·         Allen Bradley of Eldridge; Army, 1958-1961

·         Roger Bradshaw of Charles City; Army, 1945-47

·         Milton Branchini of West Burlington; Army

·         Dowd Brandt of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         Dan Branson of Iowa City; Army, Korean

·         Donald Braymen of Ames; Army, WWII

·         Hal Briley of Ames; Air force, Korea

·         Charles Brooks of Des Moines; Army, Vietnam

·         Connie Brown of Burlington; Army, 1983

·         Michael Brown of Burlington; Army, 1970-72

·         William Brown of Cedar Falls; Navy, Vietnam War

·         Lewis Brown of Clinton; Army, WWII

·         Jess Brown of Tama; Navy, Korean 1953-56

·         Clarence Bruder of Windsor Heights; Army, WWII

·         Marvin Bryce of Coralville; Army, 1953-1955

·         Raymond Buchmeyer of Solon; Army, 1945-1949

·         Curtis D. Buckley of Des Moines; Army, WWII; Korea

·         Arthur Bunn of Muscatine; Army, WWII

·         Byron Burford of Iowa City; Air Corps, 1942-1946

·         Danny Burgess of Vinton; Army, Vietnam War

·         Ray Burke of Waukon; Navy, Korean

·         Howard Burkle of Grinnell; Army

·         Rayburn Burnett of Clive; Army, 1954-1956

·         Merle Butt of Hampton; Army, Korean

·         John Caffery of Davenport; Navy, 1951-77

·         Michael Cain of Iowa City; Army, 1965-1967

·         Raymond Cain of Sioux City; Air Force, 1953-57

·         Ronald Campbell of Ft. Dodge; Army, 1961-1991; Vietnam; Desert Storm

·         Mark Cannon of Iowa City; Army, Vietnam Era 1971-72

·         Ted Carlsen of Sioux City; Marines, WWII

·         Clarence Carlson of Iowa City; Navy, 1944-47

·         Phillip Carpenter of Council Bluffs; Navy, WWII

·         Marion   Carter of Davenport; Navy, WWII

·         Elmer Chalupsky of Elberon; Army, 1946-47

·         Fred Charles of Bettendorf; Marines, Korean

·         Raymond Chick of Matlock; Coast Guard, 1942-45

·         John Christians of Fort Dodge; Navy, WWII

·         Merlyn Clapp of Charles City; Air Force, Vietnam, Air Medal, Bronze Star

·         Donald Clarahan of Harper; Army, Korean War

·         Darrell R. Clark of Ottumwa; Navy, 1943-1945

·         Duane Clark of Prairie City; Army

·         Phillip Clayton of Des Moines; Army, 62-65

·         Larry Clemons of Boone; Navy, Korea

·         Bill Click of Paulina; Army, 1945-46

·         R. H. Dick Cody of Council Bluffs; Coast Guard, WWII

·         Kenneth Cole of Independence; Army, 1969-70

·         James Coleman of Des Moines; Army, Korea

·         James Collins of Council Bluffs; Navy, 1954-1958

·         Jack Connolly of Sioux City; Navy, WWII

·         Walter W. Cook of Stuart; Army, WWII, Bronze Star

·         Joe Cooney of Grinnell; Army Air Corps, WWII

·         Dennis Copeland of Dubuque; Army, 1974-76

·         Jerry Courtney of Des Moines; Air Force, 61-65

·         Charles CR Bud of Des Moines; Army, WWII Era

·         Myron Craig of Traer; Air Force

·         Byron Crawford of Dexter; Army Air Corps, WWII

·         Philip Crews of Muscatine; Navy, Persian Gulf War

·         Thomas Crouch of Maquoketa; Army, Korean War

·         Earl Crouse of Fort Dodge; Army Air Corps, WWII

·         Earl Currier of Council Bluffs; Army, Vietnam War

·         Robert Dahl of Vinton; Air Force, Korean War

·         Elmer Daily of Davenport; Army, Korean War

·         Mark Daley of Ames; Navy, Vietnam

·         James Daley of Des Moines; Navy, Korea

·         Richard Dameron of Burlington; Navy, Korean War 1947-53

·         Ralph Dasen of Sanborn; Army, 1950-51

·         Vito Dattolico of Sioux City; Army, Korean War

·         Fred Davidson of Charles City; Army, 1944-46

·         Terence Devereux of Walker; Navy, 1963-1969

·         Thomas Diewold of Burlington; Navy, Korean War

·         Richard Ditch of Emmetsburg; Navy, 1943-45

·         Richard Dobson of Iowa City; Army

·         Gerald Dodson of Pleasant Hill; Navy, Korea

·         Myron Dohaney of Clinton; Navy, 1945-46

·         Paul Dolan of Dubuque; Army, Vietnam

·         Thomas Dolter of Dubuque; Army, 1945-1947

·         George Domer of Marion; Army, Korean War

·         Donald Dooley of West Des Moines; Air Corps, WWII

·         Harlan Doty of Dubuque; Navy, 1955

·         Robert Dudley of Bettendorf; Marines, Vietnam, Vietnam Service Medal; National Defense Service Medal

·         Neil Edwards of Danville; Air Corps, WWII

·         Roderick Eganhouse of Davenport; Army, Korean War

·         Jim Erb of Charles City; Air Force, 1966-71

·         Beryl Esbaum of Lowden; Army, Vietnam War

·         Ron Essner of Davenport; Navy , 50-55, Green Medal

·         John Fachman of Sioux City; Navy, 1944-46

·         Ronald L. Fahrer of Waverly; Marines, Vietnam

·         Richard Farmer of Davenport; Army

·         Christian Fath of Des Moines; Air Force, WWII

·         Samuel Fazio of Des Moines; Navy, Air force, 47-85

·         Ronald Fears of Bloomfield; Marines Corps, 1969-1972

·         Charles Ferguson of Center Point; Air Force, 1959-65

·         William Ferry of Boone; Army, WWII

·         Gordon Fett of Storm Lake; Navy, WWII

·         Gerald Firkins of Emmetsburg; Air Force, WWII

·         Richard Fischer of Ankeny; Army, Korean War, Purple Heart

·         Richard Fischer of West Des Moines; Air Force, Korean War

·         Bob Fitzgerald of Milford; Army, WWII, Air Medal; Presidential Citation

·         Austin Fitzgibbon of Des Moines; Navy, Korea

·         Harold Fluharty of Des Moines; Navy, WWII

·         Norman Folsom of Des Moines; Navy, Korea

·         James Fordice of Rowley; Navy, WWII Era

·         Jim Foreman of Prairie City; Army, Korean

·         Gene K. Foster of Eldora; Army, WWII, Purple Heart

·         Joseph Fousek of Ankeny; Navy, WWII

·         Raymond Fredricksen of Clinton; Navy, 1964-68

·         Marvin Gaer of Manning; Army, WWII

·         Leon Gardner of Grimes; Marines, WWII, Presidential Citation

·         Harold Gearrettson of Oskaloosa; Army, WWII

·         Howard Geesman of Eagle Grove; Marine Corps, 43-46

·         Robert H. Geick of Pomeroy; Navy, WWII

·         Roger Gerlach of Saint Ansgar; Army, 1953-55

·         Charles Gibbons of Madrid; Navy, WWII

·         Francis Giehl of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         Wayne Gilbert of Des Moines; Army, Korean War 1954-55

·         Jimmylee Gildea of Boone; Navy, Korea

·         Ankeey Gioffredi of Ankeny; Army, 1941-45

·         James Glynn of Bettendorf; Army, 1948-51

·         Robert Godsey of Council Bluffs; Navy, WWII

·         Norbert H. Goergen of Granville; Air Corps, WWII

·         Richard A. Golik of Indianola; Army, Vietnam Era

·         Thomas Gollob of Fort Dodge; Army, 1943-45

·         John Goodall of Bettendorf; Marines, WWII, Bronze Star

·         Larry Goode of Des Moines; Army, Vietnam Era 1970-1972

·         Richard Goodson of Des Moines; Army, 1967

·         William Graf of Washington; Army Air Corps, WWII

·         Charles Green of Des Moines; Marine Corps, WWII

·         Gordon Greger of Des Moines; Army, 50's

·         Nathan Grieder of Belle Plaine; Air Force, 1957-61

·         Keith Grimm of Wapello; Navy, Vietnam

·         Paul Gronemeyer of Odebolt; Navy, WWII

·         Roger Gross of Dubuque; Air Force, 1966-70

·         Joseph Gross of Sioux City; Navy, WWII

·         Darwin Groth of Rock Valley; Army, 1960-1962

·         Alan Growden of Hazleton; Navy, 1962-1966

·         Robert Guerttman of Spencer; Army, WWII

·         Mel Haag of Swea City; Army, WWII

·         Juel Haaland of Ames; Army, WWII

·         Merv Habenicht of Davenport; Army, 1953-55

·         Kenneth Hager of Des Moines; Air Force, WWII

·         Herbert Halbfass of Des Moines; Navy, WWII

·         Arlo Dean Halvorson of Mason City; Army, Korean War

·         Walter Hammond of Matlock; Air Force, Vietnam

·         Vern Hanna of Colfax; Navy, WWII

·         Jules Hansel of Dubuque; Army Medic, WWII

·         Donald Hansen of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         William Hansen of Ringsted; Tank Battalion, WWII

·         Willis R. Hardy of New London; Army, WWII

·         Richard Harmon of Okoboji; Army, 1943-46

·         Don D. Hart of Maquoteka; Army Air Corps

·         Frank Harty of Clive; Army, Korean Era

·         Jon Hatfield of Muscatine; Navy, 1969-73

·         Dr.Alan Hathaway of Davenport; Army, Korean Era

·         Guilford Hawkins of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         Horace Hegg of Hudson; Marines, 1951-53, Good Conduct

·         John Hejhal of Sioux City; Air Force, Korean War

·         Donald Hemphill of Newton; Navy, Navy

·         Wayne Henderson of Council Bluffs; Army, Korean War

·         Donn Hennigar of Jefferson; Navy, WWII

·         Dwight Hensley of Des Moines; Navy, 1942-44

·         Raymond Hicks of West Des Moines; Air Force, WWII

·         Leonard Hill of Waverly; Navy, WWII

·         Larry Hintz of Ute; Army, Vietnam

·         Raymond Holm of Des Moines; Army, Korea

·         Charles Hosch of Dubuque; Marine Corps, Korea

·         Billy Hudson of Burlington; Army, 1953

·         Warner Hugh of Des Moines; Army Air Corps, WWII

·         Jerry Ivins of Des Moines; National Guard, 65-71

·         Loren W. Jacobsen of Dallas Center; Army, 1965-1967

·         Elvin Jansen of Sioux City; Army, 1953-1955

·         Carl Jennings of Des Moines; Navy, WWII

·         Bill Jensen of Newton; Army, 1954-56, Good Conduct; Sharp Shooter Medal

·         David Jewett of Dubuque; Army, Korean War; Vietnam War

·         Christian Johansen of Des Moines; Army, WWII, 104th Div., 1942-1945, Two bronze Stars, Infantry Badge, Presidential Citation

·         Dan John of Des Moines; Air Force, Vietnam Era 1962-1966

·         Roger Johnson of Belmond; Army, WWII 1943-45

·         Roland Johnson of Fort Dodge; Army, Vietnam War

·         Charles Johnson of Windsor Heights; Marine Corps, 46-47

·         Ronald Johnston of Bellevue; Air Force

·         Carroll Jones of Dallas Center; Army

·         Max Kain of Prairie City; Army, Korean

·         Richard Kalkbrenner of New Hampton; Army, Vietnam, Army Commendations

·         Donald Kalsem of Des Moines; Army, 73-75

·         Richard Keasling of Eldon; Navy, 1942-45

·         Marvin Keith of New London; Army, WWII

·         Harry Kendall of Pleasant Hill; Army, WWII

·         Gerald Kennedy of Grand Junction ; Marine Corps, Korea

·         Lawrence Kennedy of Kelley; Army, Korea

·         Ralph Kennedy of New Hampton; Army, WWII

·         Arthur Kennis of New Sharon; Navy

·         George Kizer of Ames; Air Force, WWII

·         Lorin Knapp of Windsor Heights; Army, Vietnam

·         Edmund Kosmicki of Council Bluffs; Army, WWII

·         Irvin Kramer of Dubuque; Marine Corps, Korean War

·         Joseph Kramer of Onawa; Air Force, Korean War

·         Orlin Kroneman of Indianola; Army, Korea Era

·         George Kruse of Decorah; Army, WWII

·         Harold Kuddes of Center Point; Army, Korean War

·         Merle Kuehl of Granville; Army, WWII

·         Edward L.Behm of Council Bluffs; Air Force, during Korea, never sent to Korea

·         Gary Lachapelle of New London; Army, 1980-87; Persian Gulf War

·         Ken Lamaak of Sioux City; Army, Korean War, Bronze

·         Harold Lampe of Burt; Army, WWII

·         Victor Landuyt of Blairstown; Army, WWII

·         Ronald Langel of Ankeny; Army, Vietnam War

·         Carl Larson of Boone; Navy, WWII

·         Don Leahy of West Union; Army, 1968-69

·         Alf Lee of Ft. Dodge; Navy, WWII

·         Bryce Lee of Soldier; Navy, WWII

·         Harlan Lemon of Des Moines; Air Force, 1954-57, Good Conduct

·         Harold Leslie of Maxwell; Army, WWII

·         Joe Lies of Independence; Army, 1961-64

·         Donald Linduski of Sioux City; Navy

·         Martin Linehan of Davenport; Army, 1955-1956

·         Dennis Littlejohn of Des Moines; Air force, Vietnam

·         James A.  Loftus of Sioux City; Air National Guard, Vietnam

·         Frank Lorch of Spirit Lake; Air Force, 1967-1971

·         James Lorentzen of Des Moines; Navy, WWII

·         Craig Lovstad of Council Bluffs; Air Force, 1966-70

·         Duane Lowe of Des Moines; Navy, 1960-63

·         Art Ludwigs of Hawarden; Navy, WWII

·         Lloyd Lumsden of Ft. Dodge; Army, WWII

·         Edmund Machek of Charles City; Navy

·         Ivan Mader of Churdan; Army, 51-53

·         Ed  Mahoney of Fairbank; Marine Corps, 1968-1971

·         Bill  Mann of Council Bluffs; Army

·         Frank A. Marshman of Indianola; USMC/Navy, Korean Era

·         Keith Marvin of Charles City; Marine Corps, 1946-1949

·         Americo Massaro of Burlington; Air Corps, WWII

·         Matthew Maynard of Vinton; Army, 1981-85

·         Scott McAnally of Newton; Army, 1972-79

·         Floyd McAninch of Des Moines; Navy, WWII

·         Roger E. McCall of Denison; Air Force, Vietnam 1968-69

·         Michael McCollam of Eldridge; Army, Vietnam

·         Allen McFarling of Ottumwa; Air Force, Korea 52-56

·         Edward McGovern of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         Earl McKean of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         Paul McKnight of Dubuque; Army, 1946-1948

·         Troy McShane of Central City; Army, 1984-86

·         Albert Meadows of Des Moines; Navy, 45-47

·         Dale Meirick of Alta Vista; Army, Korea

·         Kenneth Melhus of Eagle Grove ; Army, WWII

·         Lyman Michael of Des Moines; Navy, Vietnam

·         Severin N. Michalski of Honey Creek; Army Infantry, WWII

·         William Mill of Johnston; Air Force, WWII

·         Joe Miller of Bonparte; Army, Korean War 1954-55

·         Henry "Mickey" Miller of Davenport; Navy, WWII

·         Harold O.  Miller of Dubuque; Army, 1942-1945

·         Alfred Shorty Miller of Mason City; Army, Korean War

·         Nolan Miller of Ottumwa; Navy, WWII

·         Billy Mitchell of Des Moines; Navy, 1945

·         Raymond Moeller of Ireton; Medical Corps, WWII

·         Harold Mohr of Northwood; Army, Korean

·         Robert K. Moore of Des Moines; Army, Korean War Era

·         Robert Mottet of Maquoketa; Air Force, WWII

·         Tom Mulder of Hull; Infantry, WWII, Purple Heart

·         Donald Muntz of Milton; Navy, WWII

·         Dennis Munyon of Des Moines; Coast Guard Reserve, 1943-1945

·         Morris F. Murphy of Des Moines; Army Medic, 1970-72

·         Charles Murphy of Waukon; Navy, WWII

·         William Nagorner of Des Moines; Navy, WWII

·         Harold Naig of Davenport; Army, WWII

·         Harlan Neiman of Clive; Marine Corps

·         E. Marlo Nelsen of North Liberty; Army, Korean War

·         Orvil Nelson of Boone; Navy, WWII

·         Joseph Newell Neppel of Anita; Army, WWII

·         Paul Neppel of Spirit Lake; Air Force, 1950-53

·         Ken Noble of West Liberty; Air Force, 1953-57

·         Kenneth Noble of West Liberty; Air Force, Korean War

·         Donald Nolen of Sioux City; Army, Korean War

·         Don Norfolk of Norwalk; Army, Vietnam Era

·         Jack Oatts of Jefferson; Navy, WWII

·         Richard Oberhaus of Muscatine; Army, WWII

·         Gerald Ogren of Des Moines; Air force, WWII

·         Donald Oliver of Dubuque; Navy, 1943-1945

·         Kevin Olson of Evansdale; Army, 1975 - 1979

·         Harlan Olson of West Des Moines; Navy, Korean War

·         Gary Ommen of Clear Lake; Army, 1962

·         Richard Oppenheimer of Burlington; Navy, 1946

·         John Orr of Muscatine; Army Engineer, WWII

·         Paul Ostronic of Council Bluffs; Army Air Corps, WWII

·         Anthony Paglia of Marshalltown; Navy, 1945-46

·         Bob Pashek of Council Bluffs; Army

·         George Pemsl of Dubuque; Army, 1959-1962

·         Ted Perbera of Des Moines; Marine Corps , 1950-1953

·         Elmer J. Peters of Glidden; Army, WWII

·         James Phipps of Pilot Mound; Air Force, 51-59

·         James Pike of Des Moines; Navy, WWII

·         Larry Potter of Plano; Army, 1961-1962

·         Glenn Potter of Tiffin; Navy, Korean War

·         Edward Powers of Council Bluffs; Marine, 1953-1956

·         Harijs Priekulis of West Des Moines; Air Force, Vietnam War

·         Raymond Prusia of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         Ernest Radosevich of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         Eldon Rahmiller of Iowa Falls; Army, Vietnam 1966-67, Purple Heart

·         Gene Ramirez of Des Moines; Navy, 53-61

·         Aaron Randolph of Anamosa; Army, 1943-1946

·         Thorvald K. Rasmussen of Des Moines; Navy, 1946-1948, 1951-1953

·         Clark Rasmussen of West Des Moines; Army, Korean War

·         Henry C. Rathje of Robins; Army, Korean War

·         Marion "Jake" Raymond of Muscatine; Navy

·         Charles Redenius of Charles City; Army, 1970-72

·         Elmer Reed of Sioux City; Army, Korean War

·         Wayne Reicher of Dubuque; Army

·         Leonard Reinert of Indianola; Navy, WWII

·         Darrell Reinertson of Huxley; Army, WWII

·         Tom Reisdorf of Dubuque; Navy, 1968-72

·         Shepherd Rex of Vinton; Army, 1951-1953

·         Cecil M. Rhoads of Ankeny; Army, WWII

·         Darrell A. Richards of Columbus Junction; Army

·         Clyde Richards of Des Moines; Army, WWII 1944-45, Bronze Star; Presidential Citations

·         Gene Richardson of Nevada; Marines, 1953-56

·         James Ridge of Long Grove; Army, Vietnam; 1965-1967

·         Kenneth Rieddeman of Hartley; Combat Engineers, WWII, Battle Stars; Presidential Citations

·         Roger Ries of West Des Moines; Navy, WWII

·         William Riffell of Burlington; Army, WWII

·         Virgil Riley of West Des Moines; Army, 1940-45

·         Leonard E. Roberts of Oxford; Army, Korean War

·         Edward Robinson of Des Moines; Army, Korea

·         Milo Rockey of Des Moines; Marines, 1948-52

·         Dean Roe of Stuart; Navy, WWII

·         Elmer Rohlena of Norway; Army, 1951

·         Tony Romeo of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         Mark Rosenberg of Burlington; National Guard, 1954-1963

·         David Rosonke of Algona; Army, Vietnam, Bronze Star

·         Bruce Ruehle of Ruthven; Navy, WWII

·         Dick Runge of Iowa City; Air Force, 1954-57

·         James Rupp of Waukee; Army, WWII

·         Paul Ryan of Clive; Army, WWII

·         Robert Sailsbury of Des Moines; Army, WWII; Korea

·         Lloyd Sanderson of Middletown; Army, WWII

·         Leslie Scannell of Des Moines; Navy, 1960-1964, Good Conduct

·         Harvey Schauf of Mason City; Navy , WWII

·         Richard Schoonover of Vinton; Navy, 1950-53

·         James D. Schrum of Fairfield; B29 in Guam, WWII

·         Thomas F. Schulte of Mediapolis; Navy, WWII

·         Raymond Schultz of Crawfordsville; Navy, WWII

·         Charles Schultz of Dubuque; Army, WWII

·         James C. Scott of West Des Moines; Navy, WWII

·         Donald Setterberg of Ames; Army, 53-55

·         Craig Severeide of Council Bluffs; Air Force, Vietnam, Commendation Medal

·         David Shakespeare of Toddville; Marines Corps, Korean War

·         Wayne Shannon of Des Moines; Army, Vietnam War, Two Bronze Stars

·         Jon Sheldon of Shellsburg; Marines, 1971-73

·         Rex Shepard of Vinton; Army, Korean War

·         Robert Sherman of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         Rex A. Shively of Ottumwa; Navy, 1941-46

·         Wayne Simmons of Mt Pleasant; Army, WWII, Purple Heart

·         Harold Skramovsky of Beaman; Marine Corps, Korea

·         Wayne Slycord of Eldon; Army, 1953-56

·         Joseph Smith of Algona; Army, Korean War

·         Delbert Smith of Burlington; Air Force, 1959-63

·         Jay Smith of Burlington; Navy, 1996-19968

·         Lucas Smith of Des Moines; Navy, Vietnam

·         Ron Smith of Des Moines; Marine Corps/Air National Guard, Vietnam (1959-1970, 1981-1987)

·         Clifford H. Smith of Des Moines; Navy, WWII

·         Frederick Smith of Dubuque; Army, Korea

·         Russell L. Smith of Storm Lake; Army, WWII, Bronze Star, 2 Purple Hearts

·         Jack Sogard of Hampton; Army, 1944-46

·         Roy Sommerfeld of Burlington; Air Force, 1943-45, Three Bronze Stars

·         Ron Sorber of Boone; Navy, 59-63

·         Gerald Sorensen of Urbandale; Army, WWII

·         Arnold Soukup of Lisbon; Navy, Korean War

·         Robert Soukup of New Hampton; Marine Corps, Vietnam

·         Ira Sours of Hazleton; Navy, Korea

·         Alan Spensley of Dubuque; Navy, Korean

·         James Stadtmueller of Monticello; Army, Korean War

·         Paul Stalkfleet of Iowa City; Marines, Vietnam, Purple Heart; Presidential Citation

·         Albert Stecher of Muscatine; Army, Vietnam, Purple Heart

·         George Steenhard of Rockwell; Navy, WWII

·         Robert Stewart of Des Moines; Army, Vietnam

·         Stephen Stewart of Hampton; Army, 1968-70

·         Gregory Stith of Weldon; Army, 1966-68

·         James Stoelting of Davenport; Navy, 1970-74

·         James Straetker of Davenport; Navy, 1954-56

·         Paul Strane of Peosta; Marines, 1945-46

·         Glenn Stueve of Council Bluffs; Marine Corps, WWII

·         Harold Stufflebeam of Vinton; Navy, Korean War

·         Dale Stupp of Independence; Air Force  , 1946

·         Raymond Sutton of Newton; Army, 1955-56

·         Everett Swagert of Ames; Navy, WWII

·         Morris Swedburg of Onawa; Navy, 1942-46

·         John L. Tait of Ames; Army, 1956-68

·         Ernest Talarico of Des Moines; Army, WWII, Purple Heart

·         John Talbott of Rockwell City; Navy , WWII (Pearl Harbor)

·         Herman Tasler of Carlisle; Army, Korean War

·         Kevin Techau of Des Moines; Air Force 1985-1992; 1992-Present Iowa Air National Guard,

·         Gail Teed of Colfax; Navy, Navy

·         Eugene Texler of Fort Dodge; Air Force, Korean War

·         Floyd Thidadeau of Delhi; Army Air Corps, WWII

·         Eugene Thielbert of Muscatine; Army, WWII

·         Robert Thiele of Fort Dodge; Army, 1952-54

·         Kenneth Thomas of Council Bluffs; Navy, WWII and Korean War

·         Herbert Thomas of Danville; Army, WWII

·         Mervin Thompson of Johnston; Air Force, WWII

·         Kenneth Thompson of Rowley; Army, WWII

·         Charles Thompson of West Des Moines; Air Force, 1970-76

·         Gene Tigges of Carroll; National Guard, 1965-71

·         Russell Timmerman of Wapello; Army, Korea

·         Bill Timmons of Des Moines; Army Air Corps, WWII

·         Harry Tobis of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         Reno Tonsi of Des Moines; Army, Korean War

·         Gerardo F. Torres of Muscatine; Army, 1973-76

·         James Torrie of Ames; Navy, Vietnam

·         Richard Townsend of Des Moines; Army, WWII

·         Donald Trachta of Cedar Rapids; Army, WWII

·         Richard Trader of Muscatine; Army, Korea

·         Sam Trimble of Burlington; Army, Vietnam War

·         Norman Trompeter of Sioux City; Army, 1953-55

·         Gerald Uhl of Sioux City; Marine Corps, 1945-49

·         Thomas Vanatter of Webster City; Army, Vietnam

·         Charles Vannatta of Gilman; Air Force, 1950s

·         Russell Vernon of Spirit Lake; Navy, WWII

·         Paul G. Vislisel of Cedar Rapids; Army, Korean War

·         Francis Vonderhaar of New Vienna; Army

·         Delbert J.  Wadle of Des Moines; Army, 1954-56

·         Robert Wagner of Dubuque; Navy , WWII, Air Medal

·         Robert Walker of Des Moines; Army, Korean War, Good Conduct

·         Rick Walters of Iowa City; Navy, Vietnam

·         Robert Walters of Milford; Army, WWII

·         Donald Waugh of Leon; Navy, Korea

·         Elroy Webb of Dubuque; Army, WWII

·         Gerald Weber of Graettinger; Air Force, Korea

·         Sgt. Lloyd Weems of Des Moines; WWII 34th Infantry Army, 600 combat days, more than any other division, served in north Africa and Italy, 1941-45, Bronze Star

·         Paul Welbes of Dubuque; Navy, 1963-67

·         David Wessels of Independence; Marines, Korea 1952-55, Purple Heart

·         Walter White of Woodburn; Navy, WWII

·         James Whiteley of Wilton; Army, Korean War

·         James Whittemore of Waukee; Army, WWII

·         James Wickencamp of Council Bluffs; Marines, 1959-63

·         Robert Wilbert of Des Moines; Marine Corps, WWII

·         Allen Wiley of Iowa City; Air Force, 1964-68

·         Roland Williams of Dakota City; Air Force, WWII

·         Clifford Williams of Fort Dodge; Army, Korea

·         John Jack Willman of Marion; Marines Corps, Korean War

·         Wayne Wilson of Ames; Army, Korean War

·         William Wilson of Van Horne; Navy, WWII

·         Joseph Winckler of Davenport; Army, Vietnam Era

·         Kenneth Winget of Des Moines; Navy, WWII

·         James Winter of Johnston; Navy, WWII

·         Dean Witwer of Cedar Falls; Army, 1954-56

·         Laurence Wood of Altoona; Navy, Korean War

·         Daniel Wood of Des Moines; Army, Vietnam

·         George D. Wright of Des Moines; Army, Vietnam

·         John Wyatt of Osceola; Navy, WWII and Korean War

·         Richard Wyckoff of Center Point; Army, Vietnam (69-71), Purple Heart

·         Robert Yeager of Windsor Heights; Army, Korea

·         John Yore of Milford; Navy, 1952-55

·         Joseph Zahina of Dubuque; Army, WWII

·         Edward Zimmer of Independence; Army, WWII and Korean War