Some two dozen books have been written about Hillary Rodham Clinton.  They range across the spectrum: tabloid and gossipy, Hillary bashing, accounts of her Senate campaign, pro-Hillary works and even academic treatises...

Judith Warner.  Jan. 20, 1993.  HILLARY CLINTON: The Inside Story.  New American Library/Signet Books.
Note: Revised and Updated edition published by Signet on Aug. 1, 1999.
Author: Warner later authored, with Howard Dean, You Have the Power: How to Take Back Our Country and Restore Democracy to America (Simon & Schuster, 2004), and she wrote Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety (Riverhead Books, 2005)

Norman King.  July 1993. HILLARY: Her True Story.  Carol Publishing Corporation.

Donnie Radcliffe.  September 1993.  HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON: A First Lady for Our Time.  Warner Books.
Author: As a reporter in Washington, DC Radcliffe covered First Ladies from Pat Nixon to Hillary Rodham Clinton.  She worked a reporter, editor and columnist for the Washington Post from 1972 to until retiring in 1995; earlier she reported for the Washington Star and in Europe and California.  Radcliffe also authored SIMPLY BARBARA BUSH: A Portrait of America's Candid First Lady.

Hillary Rodham Clinton.  January 1996.  IT TAKES A VILLAGE: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us.  New York: Simon & Schuster.

Norman King.  March 1996.  THE WOMAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE: The Remarkable Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Carol Publishing Corporation.

David Brock. 1996.  THE SEDUCTION OF HILLARY RODHAM.  Free Press.
Author: "David Brock's hard-hitting journalism has cast him as "the Bob Woodward of the right' according to the Washington Post. He is a writer for the American Spectator and the bestselling author of The Real Anita Hill (Free Press, 1993)."
Blurb excerpt: "...David Brock, America's most controversial journalist, takes on the most controversial first lady in history, producing a boldly incisive yet surprisingly sensitive portrait. A political biography of the first order, The Seduction of Hillary Rodham is the story of one strong-willed woman's struggle to maintain her personal and political integrity in the face of powerfully seductive forces, including the appeal of Bill Clinton, a charismatic, talented, but deeply flawed man who may have been both the best and the worst thing that ever happened to her."

Joyce Milton.  May 1999. THE FIRST PARTNER: Hillary Rodham Clinton, A Biography.  William Morrow & Co  [HarperCollinsPublishers].
Author: Joyce Milton is the author of Tramp: The Life of Charlie Chaplin and several other books.  She is also the coauthor of The Rosenberg File.
Blurb excerpt: "Milton offers new perspectives on the firestorms that have raged about Clinton, from the health-care fiasco to Whitewater to the Lewinsky scandal.  She also examines Clinton's attempts to reconcile a host of contradictions--feminist convictions in painful collision with family commitment; philosophical beliefs in conflict with political reality; the precarious balance between professional ambition, public image, and private life.  Lively and evenhanded, this definitive biography is a revealing portrait of one of the most enigmatic women in politics."

Judith Warner.  Aug. 1, 1999.  HILLARY CLINTON: The Inside Story. (Revised and Updated edition).  Signet Books.

Barbara Olson.  November 1999.  HELL TO PAY: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Regnery Publishing, Inc..
Author: Barbara Olson served Chief Investigative Counsel for the congressional committee that investigated “Travelgate” and unearthed “Filegate.”  [Olson was killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 hijacking attack on the Pentagon].
Blurb excerpt: "Barbara Olson has peered through the Clinton defenses to see a Hillary Clinton who is angry, bitter, obsessive, and even dangerous to the health of American politics.  Hell to Pay investigates Hillary’s radical roots, how she switched from being a 'Goldwater Girl' to sixties radical- and how, since then, she has maintained her ties to the radical left.  The agenda? In the sixties, it was the Black Panthers and overthrowing corporate America.  Today, it is socialized medicine and using children as political tools for social change.  In Hell to Pay, Barbara Olson recounts Hillary’s own, personal 'decade of greed' and reveals the paranoia of a first lady whom even a Clinton confidant has accused of operating a virtual 'secret police' unit to destroy presumed enemies- including such lowly staffers as cooks and valets."

Gail Sheehy.  November 1999.  HILLARY'S CHOICERandom House.
Author: "Millions of readers defined their lives through Gail Sheehy's landmark work, Passages, and have followed her continuing examination of the stages of adult life in her bestsellers The Silent Passage, New Passages, and Understanding Men's Passages.  As a political journalist and contributing editor to Vanity Fair, Ms. Sheehy has written character studies of national and world figures, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bob and Elizabeth Dole, George Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, Saddam Hussein, Newt Gingrich, and Gary Hart."
Blurb excerpt: "Why does she stay with him?  Where does she go from here?  The author who revealed a generation's Passages now answers all the questions about the most talked-about First Lady in American history.  In Hillary's Choice, Hillary Clinton is rendered fully human for the first time. Here is the life of a woman that is also the story of a marriage--and the drama of a presidency."

Peggy Noonan.  March 22, 2000.  THE CASE AGAINST HILLARY CLINTONRegan Books [HarperCollins imprint].
Author: "Peggy Noonan's years as a speechwriter in the Reagan White House were chronicled in her bestselling memoir What I Saw at the Revolution; her other books include On Speaking Well.  Currently a columnist with the Wall Street Journal, she also writes for Time and many other publications."
Blurb excerpt: "As the long, scandal-ridden trial of the Clinton years comes to an end--and as the first lady mounts her own campaign for independent political office--it is time for a summation.  What is the legacy of Clintonism?  What is there in Hillary Clinton's background, talents, or record of achievement that qualifies her to represent New York in the U.S. Senate?  And, most important, what will happen if Hillary should win this fall?  Where will her ambition lead her next?"

Laura Ingraham.  June 2000.  THE HILLARY TRAP: Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places.  Hyperion.
Author: "After graduating from Dartmouth College, Laura worked as a speechwriter in the final two years of the Reagan Administration at the White House, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Education. She went on to graduate from the University of Virginia School of Law, where she was Notes Editor of the Law Review. She served as a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Ralph K. Winter on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. After clerking, Laura worked as a white-collar criminal defense attorney for Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom."
Blurb excerpt: "If anything, Hillary's mix of opportunism, acquiescence, and dependency sets women back, rather than leading them forward.  This, in a nutshell, is the 'Hillary Trap': the subtle and self-deceptive ways in which women sacrifice their own power and talents for superficial gains."

Jerry Oppenheimer.  July 2000.  STATE OF A UNION: Inside the complex marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  HarperCollins Publishers.
Author: Oppenheimer's oeuvre includes Martha Stewart: Just Desserts (William Morrow & Company, 1997); The Other Mrs. Kennedy (St. Martin's, 1994), Barbara Walters: An Unauthorized Biography, and coauthor with Jack Vitek of Idol: Rock Hudson.

Colleen Elizabeth Kelley.  Jan. 30, 2001.  THE RHETORIC OF FIRST LADY HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON: Crisis Management DiscoursePraeger Publishers.
Author: Assistant Professor of Speech Communication at Penn State-Erie, The Behrend College.
Blurb excerpt: "Kelley provides an examination of Hillary Rodham Clinton's rhetorical responses to mediated versions of crises in the Clinton Administration...  The book focuses on the analysis of Hillary Rodham Clinton's rhetorical management of crises in her husband's Administration, including health care, "Travelgate," Whitewater, and allegations of sexual misconduct.  Kelley's approach is grounded in Kenneth Burke's framework of language as a symbolic means of inducing cooperation through rhetorical identification."

Michael Tomasky.  February 2001.  HILLARY'S TURN: Inside Her Improbable, Victorious Senate Campaign.  Free Press.
Author: A columnist at New York magazine, where he has written "The City Politic" column since 1995.

Beth J. Harpaz.  October 2001.  THE GIRLS IN THE VAN: Covering HillarySt. Martin's Press.
Author: Harpaz joined the AP in 1988 after working at The Record of Hackensack, N.J., and the Staten Island Advance.
Blurb excerpt: "This funny, breezy chronicle is the ultimate press pass to the day-to-day gossip, political maneuvering, awkward missteps, and inside jokes of the election. Veteran Associated Press reporter Beth Harpaz follows Hillary from the moment she dons a black pantsuit and a Yankees cap and declares her love for a state where she has never lived, all the way to her historic victory as the only first lady to ever win elective office."

Patrick S. Halley.  August 2002.  ON THE ROAD WITH HILLARY: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Journey from Arkansas to the U.S. Senate.  Viking.
Author: "Patrick S. Halley has worked on the campaigns of a number of prominent Democrats, and in 1992 he became an advance man for Hillary Clinton, a position he held until early 2001."

Hillary Rodham Clinton.  June 9, 2003.  LIVING HISTORY.  Simon & Schuster.

Carl Limbacher.  July 2003.  HILLARY'S SCHEME: Inside the Next Clinton's Ruthless Agenda to Take the White HouseCrown Forum [Random House imprint].
Author: Carl Limbacher, writer and editor of's "Inside Cover," has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN, and he has been quoted in the New York Times, Washington Times, and hundreds of other publications."
Blurb excerpt: "In shocking detail, Hillary’s Scheme confirms the worst fear of tens of millions of Americans: that Hillary Clinton indeed plans to run for president within the next few years. This explosive, behind-the-scenes book by investigative journalist Carl Limbacher blows the lid off the New York senator’s plans for a grand political coup, something she has been carefully and quietly plotting for more than 20 years. Limbacher conducted extensive research into Hillary’s past and secured exclusive interviews with Clinton insiders—and even questioned Hillary herself—to bring you the real story."

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. with Mark Davis.  Feb. 25, 2004.  MADAME HILLARY: The Dark Road to the White HouseRegnery Publishing, Inc..
Author: Tyrrell, the author of the New York Times bestseller Boy Clinton.  Davis helped research Barbara Olson’s New York Times bestseller on Hillary, Hell to Pay.
Blurb excerpt: "With insiders’ access to Hillary’s Senate colleagues, other key players, and fresh reporting, Tyrrell and David examine in detail the strategies Hillary is preparing to achieve her ambition for power, the lies she uses to camouflage her record for the American people, and the damage that Madame President Hillary could inflict upon the nation.  Best of all, they show how she can be stopped."

Dick Morris.  May 2004. REWRITING HISTORY.  Regan Books  [HarperCollins imprint].
Blurb excerpt: "In Rewriting History, Morris pierces the mask to get at the truth behind the distortions and omissions of Hillary's memoir.  Here we meet the real Hillary, both good and bad: the manager who makes the trains run on time, but also the paranoid who sees all those who disagree with her as personal enemies; the idealist, but also the "advice addict" easily misled by the guru of the moment.  Morris describes Hillary's sense of entitlement, and warns that it may lead deep into financial scandal. And he demonstrates how Hillary dodges criticism by pretending that every attack is directed not just at her, but at every working woman in America."

Christopher Anderson.  July 6, 2004.  AMERICAN EVITA: Hillary Clinton's Path to Power. William Morrow [HarperCollins imprint].
Author: "Christopher Andersen is the critically acclaimed author of twenty-six books that have been translated into more than twenty languages worldwide.  A former contributing editor of Time and senior editor of People, Andersen has also written hundreds of articles for a wide range of publications, including Life magazine, the New York Times, and Vanity Fair."
Blurb excerpt: "In the style of his #l New York Times bestsellers The Day Diana Died and The Day John Died, as well as Jack and Jackie, Jackie After Jack, George and Laura and Sweet Caroline, Christopher Andersen draws on important sources -- many speaking here for the first time -- to paint a startling portrait of America's most controversial woman."

Edward Klein.  June 21, 2005.  THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become PresidentSentinel [Penguin Group imprint].
Author: "Edward Klein is the author of The Kennedy Curse; Farewell, Jackie; and several other New York Times bestsellers.  He is also the former foreign editor of Newsweek and former editor in chief of The New York Times Magazine.  He is a frequent contributor to Vanity Fair and Parade."
Blurb excerpt: "Bestselling author Edward Klein draws on rare access to inside sources to reveal what Hillary knew and when she knew it during her years as first lady, especially during her husband’s impeachment. Klein’s book will break news about the choices and calculations she has made over the years. It will also prove that she lied to America in her bestselling autobiography Living History."

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann.  Oct. 11, 2005.  CONDI vs. HILLARY: The Next Great Presidential RaceRegan Books [HarperCollins imprint].
Blurb excerpt: "As long-time strategists Dick Morris and Eileen McGann reveal in Condi vs. Hillary...Hillary's plans for higher office are vulnerable to a challenge from a most unexpected quarter: the Bush administration's secretary of state and former national security advisor, Condoleezza Rice.  Rice is the only figure on the national scene who has the credentials, the credibility, and the charisma to lead the GOP in 2008.  And, as this first book on the subject demonstrates, a race between these two commanding, but very different, women is a very real possibility -- and would inevitably prove one of the most fascinating and important races in American history.  Blending insider insight and political foresight, Condi vs. Hillary surveys the strengths and weaknesses of the two candidates, finding persuasive clues about what we might expect from each of them as a chief executive."

Susan Estrich.  Oct. 11, 2005.  THE CASE FOR HILLARY CLINTONRegan Books [HarperCollins imprint].
Author: "The first woman ever to run a presidential campaign, she was also the first female president of the Harvard Law Review and the youngest woman to be tenured at Harvard Law School. An accomplished attorney, she has represented clients including Leona Helmsley, Claus von Bülow, and Michael Milken. The author of several books, including Real Rape, Getting Away with Murder, and the national bestseller Sex and Power, she is the Robert Kingsley Professor of Law and Political Science at the University of Southern California Law School."
Blurb excerpt: "In an atmosphere where conservative Hillary-bashing is still as virulent as ever, Estrich demonstrates all the reasons that this principled leader still blows away any other potential contender in the early polls for 2008.  And, with arguments both stirring and sensible, she reminds us that if Hillary should succeed, America and the world would be changed forever and for the better."

Tom Kuiper.  April 11, 2006.  I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A YANKEES FAN: Hillary Clinton in Her Own WordsWorld Ahead Publishing.
Author: "Tom Kuiper is a conservative activist and the promotional strategist behind the enormously popular "Deck of Hillary" playing cards, one of's most popular products and the subject of features in Time and USA Today. A graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in communications, Kuiper currently works in the field of corporate law and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area."
Blurb excerpt: "Get to know Hillary Clinton like never before with this often shocking, always hilarious collection of the former-First Lady and aspiring-President's own quotes! From claiming to be named after a famed mountaineer (Sir Edmund Hillary actually scaled Mt. Everest years after she was born), to bragging about being a lifelong Yankees fan (although she grew up in Chicago rooting for the Cubs), Hillary shows that there's no tall tale that she won't tell."

John Podhoretz.  May 9, 2006.  CAN SHE BE STOPPED?:  Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next President of the United States Unless.... Crown Forum [Random House imprint].
Author: "John Podhoretz is the New York Times bestselling author of Bush Country and Hell of a Ride. He is a columnist for the New York Post and a political commentator for the Fox News Channel. A cofounder of the Weekly Standard, he has worked at Time, U.S. News and World Report, and the Washington Times. Podhoretz served as a speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan and as special assistant to Drug Czar William J. Bennett."
Blurb excerpt: "After proving that the long-feared Hillary presidency is not just a possibility, but a likelihood, Podhoretz offers a groundbreaking ten-point plan for derailing Hillary--which doubles as a unifying call-to-arms for conservatives."

Amanda B. Carpenter.  Oct. 2006  THE VAST RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY'S DOSSIER ON HILLARY CLINTON.  Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing, Inc..
Author: Capitol Hill correspondent of Human Events.
Blurb excerpt: "We are the members of what Hillary Clinton described as a 'Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy'—and here at VRWC headquarters, we’ve been keeping a file on her.  If you’re one of us, THE VAST RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY'S DOSSIER ON HILLARY CLINTON will give you all the ammunition to help end Hillary’s White House dreams once and for all...  It’s all here: the dirty deals, unsavory incidents, insane proposals, revealing comments, and outright flip-flops in Hillary’s past. You’ll also find the complete record of her activities since leaving the White House, and the machinery she already has in place to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

Gil Troy.  Oct. 2006. HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON: Polarizing First Lady.  Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas.
Author: "Gil Troy, a native of Queens, New York, and professor of history at McGill University, is the author of Mr. and Mrs. President: From the Trumans to the Clintons; Morning in America: How Ronald Reagan Invented the 1980s; and See How They Ran: The Changing Role of the Presidential Candidate.
Blurb excerpt: "Neither a 'hit job' nor a facile tribute, Gil Troy's lively and refreshingly nonsensational new book provides a revealing look at arguably the most polarizing first lady in history and undoubtedly the most prominent American woman of our time...   Troy, named by History News Network as one of America's Top 15 Young Historians, measures Clinton's historical footprint, tracing her activities during the turbulent decade that brought her to national prominence and examining her influence as a key player in her husband's administration.  Covering her attempts to overhaul health care and redefine the first lady as co-president while she tried to cope with her husband's scandals and impeachment, he recounts how Hillary's rocky road had a mixed impact on the office, even as her ambitions illuminated the role's potential.

Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Dec. 2006 (reissue).  IT TAKES A VILLAGE.  New York: Simon & Schuster.

Bay Buchanan.  May 2007. THE EXTREME MAKEOVER OF HILLARY (RODHAM) CLINTON.  Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing, Inc.
Author: Bay Buchanan has spent the past thirty years in politics.  She was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to be the treasurer of the United States and is a frequent political commentator on television.
Blurb excerpt: "In positioning herself for her 2008 presidential run, Hillary has carefully put away the trappings of a liberal and wrapped herself in a cloak of moderation.  The senator who had been (with the possible exception of Ted Kennedy) the star of the Democratic Party’s left wing is now being packaged as a centrist—with the willing help of the liberal media, which has taken up her cause and castigates any attempts to expose her real (leftist) agenda...  But now, in The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton, Bay Buchanan rips the mask off Hillary to reveal the ’60s radical who lies beneath.  As Buchanan makes clear, not only can Hillary not be trusted, but her 'makeover' is exactly what one would expect from an unprincipled left-wing politician.  Hillary will let nothing stand in her way."

Carl Bernstein.  June 2007.  A WOMAN IN CHARGE: the Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  New York: Alfred A. Knopf.
Author: Bernstein and Bob Woodward shared a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of Watergate in The Washington Post.  Author of several books.  Was a Washington bureau chief and correspondent for ABC News.
Blurb excerpt: "In his preparation for A Woman in Charge, Bernstein reexamined everything pertinent written about and by Hillary Clinton. He interviewed some two hundred of her colleagues, friends, and enemies and was allowed unique access to the candid record of the 1992 presidential campaign kept by Hillary’s best friend, Diane Blair...  He has given us a book that enables us, at last, to address the questions Americans are insistently—even obsessively—asking about Hillary Clinton: What is her character? What is her political philosophy? Who is she? What can we expect of her?"

Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta, Jr.  June 2007.  HER WAY: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  New York: Little, Brown and Company.
Authors: "Jeff Gerth has been a New York Times reporter for more than a quarter century.  He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1999 as a member of the Times team that disclosed the corporate sale of American technology to China. Gerth was also the first reporter to break the Whitewater story...  Don Van Natta is an investigative correspondent for the New York Times. He has been a member of three Pulitzer Prize-winning teams..."
Blurb excerpt: "..although dozens of books have been written about her, none of them have come close to uncovering the real Hillary-- personal, political, in all her complications.  Now, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporters Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta bring us the first comprehensive portrait of the most fascinating and controversial woman in American politics. Drawing upon documents and sources that no other reporters have ever accessed, Gerth and Van Natta will forever change the way you think about Hillary."

Paul Kengor.  September 18, 2007.  GOD AND HILLARY CLINTON: A Spiritual Life.  New York: Harper Collins.
Author:  " of the New York Times extended-list bestseller God and Ronald Reagan as well as God and George W. Bush and The Crusader. He is a professor of political science and director of the Center for Vision and Values at Grove City College. He lives with his wife and children in Grove City, Pennsylvania."
Blurb excerpt: " this first spiritual biography of the former first lady, acclaimed historian Paul Kengor sets out to answer the elusive question: What does Hillary Clinton believe?  Based on exhaustive research, God and Hillary Clinton tells the surprising story of Hillary's spiritual evolution, detailing how her lifelong religious beliefs have intertwined with her personal history to make her the politician that she is today."

L. Brent Bozell with Tim Graham.  November 2007.  WHITEWASH: What the Media Won't Tell You About Hillary Clinton, but Conservatives Will.  New York: Crown Forum [Random House imprint].

David Bossie and Dick Morris, producers.  HILLARY, The Movie. Citizens United.
"David N. Bossie and Dick Morris are producing a full-length feature documentary about Senator Hillary Clinton. This film will expose the truth about her conflicts in the past and her liberal plot for the future. Be sure to check back here often for updates on the progress of this exciting movie!"