2008 Presidential Campaign Literature
With assistance from Mike Dec, 4president.org

From CPAC, early March 2007.

Text of front:

America has not been well served by professional, career politicians.  That's why we have corruption, excessive partisanship and policy failures.  I believe it's time for common sense solutions to our problems.

I was born to a single mother and grew up in an apartment project on Chicago's south side.  I worked my way through college and found success in my businesses, while actively participating in my church and community.  I learned my values from my family, church and schools.  These values helped me achieve the American dream.

In the business world, my leadership helped turn around a $100 million a year food company saving jobs and dreams.  In politics, I've dealt with everything from grassroots organizing to local school issues to national issues with the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  I served on the national presidential steering committee for Jack Kemp and I was President of the Cook County Republican Party.

The principles of Ronald Reagan won the cold war, created economic growth and restored our values.  We have strayed from these principles and values.  If we expect the American people to continue to entrust our Republican Party with leadership, we must return to Ronald Reagan's example.  We must have the understanding and the vision needed to lead this country forward boldly and successfully in these truly dangerous times.  Together we can make America better.

Copyright © 2007  Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action