2008 Presidential Campaign Literature



This shows the front and back of an Iowa-specific brochure, obtained on an April 2007 visit to the state.  

Opening (not shown) reveals a photo of Obama at a forum with a large Iowa flag in the background.  The tag reads "Hope from the Heartland and Beyond."  

Opening again (not shown) is another large photo of Obama at a forum in Iowa and text which emphasizes three points:

Experience you don't get in Washington.  
Pulling people together.  Getting big things done.
Opposing the Iraq War from the very start.
The back panel has more text: 
Inspiring a new generation.
Recommitting All Americans to Change their Country.

Barack knows from experience that the solutions to our problems must come from the bottom-up, not just the top down.

It starts with fixing a system in Washington that is so gummed up by money and corporate influence that nothing gets done, replacing it with an agenda that meets our biggest challenges:

  • Enacting universal health care before the end of his first term
  • Standing up to Washington insiders in both parties to pass sweeping ethic reforms
  • Breaking America's dependence on foreign oil through expanded use of renewable fuels and higher fuel efficiency standards
  • Recruiting a new army of teachers, giving them better pay and more support in exchange for strong accountability
  • Making college more affordable, laying broadband through inner cities and rural towns, and investing in research that creates new opportunities and new jobs
  • Reversing Bush's policies that let big corporations walk away from pension obligations
  • Restoring America's place in the world


    Copyright © 2007  Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action