2008 Presidential Campaign Literature
With assistance from Mike Dec, 4president.org

From the DNC Winter Meeting, Feb. 2-3, 2007.

Designed by the campaign in house.  A note on the back states, "Printed at a 100% Wind Powered Printing Company."  The campaign had several thousand of these printed for the DNC Meeting.  More of a slightly revised edition were printed for the AFSCME forum in Nevada.

One of the flaps, not pictured above, highlights:

Vilsack Vision

  • Change course in Iraq and bring our troops home
  • Eliminate addiction to foreign oil and achieve energy security
  • Balance the budget and restore fiscal responsibility in Washington

  • Vilsack Values

  • Expanded healthcare coverage to 90,000 uninsured children
  • Revolutionized Iowa's economy by making Iowa a national leader in renewable energy
  • Created thousands of new jobs and increased wages statewide
  • Balanced budget and cut taxes 8 years in a row

  • Vilsack Victories

  • First Democratic Governor elected in Iowa in over 32 years
  • First Democratic Governor re-elected in Iowa in 36 years
  • Led Democrats to majority in Iowa House, Senate and Governor's office for first time in 42 years
  • Led Democratic Governors Association to statehouse victories in 2004



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