Oppo: Iowa Democratic Party Targets Republican Presidential Prospects
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Republican presidential candidates spent 33 days campaigning in the state this month.  The Iowa Democratic Party's dynamic duo of commucations director Carrie Giddins and press secretary Chris Allen produced 26 press releases poking at the GOP hopefuls.  Scorecard: Romney 8 + (2 x .5), FThompson 6, McCain 5, Giuliani 4 + (2 x .5), Brownback 1...Total 26.
October 2007
Mon. Oct. 1 Fred Thompson Flops at Iowa Christian Alliance, Refuses to Answer Questions from Reporters
Tues. Oct. 2 a) Fred in Full Form, Just Another Republican Presidential Candidate
b) Before Fred Speaks at Nevada (IA) Ethanol Plant.Remember His Voting History Against Ethanol 
Wed. Oct. 3  
Thurs. Oct. 4
Fri. Oct. 5 After Looking at His Campaign, It's Clear: Iowa Can't Afford a Mitt Romney Presidency 
Sat. Oct. 6
Sun. Oct. 7
Mon. Oct. 8
Tues. Oct. 9 Before Today's Debate.Iowa Reminisces About the Thompson Gaffes 
Wed. Oct. 10 a) McCain to Hold Grinnell Healthcare Roundtable, Likely to Avoid Record on Social Security and Medicare 
b) Giuliani Continues to Substitute Radio Ads for Iowa Face Time
Thurs. Oct. 11 a) Brownback, Out of the Medals and Fighting for Fourth
b) McCain Health Care Policy Recalls Failed Bush Proposal, Does Nothing to Reduce Number of Uninsured Americans
Fri. Oct. 12 a) Romney Follows Giuliani's Path, Tries to Substitute TV Ads for Iowa Campaign Stops 
b) McCain's Straight Talk Express Driving a Crooked Path, Misleads Iowans About Lobbyist Connections 
Sat. Oct. 13
Sun. Oct. 14
Mon. Oct. 15
Tues. Oct. 16 Fact Checking Giuliani and Romney Before They Return to Iowa
Wed. Oct. 17 Giuliani and Romney Offer Four More Years of Bush Foreign Policy, Former Mayor and Governor Lack Experience to Chart New Course 
Thurs. Oct. 18 Romney Heading West (in Iowa), Hopes to Find Support from Conservative Caucus Goers 
Fri. Oct. 19 Summary of Romney's Record for Republicans, Western Iowa Should Know the Whole Truth About Mitt's Past 
Sat. Oct. 20
Sun. Oct. 21
Mon. Oct. 22 Fred Thompson Plans to Cut Social Security Benefits 
Tues. Oct. 23 Romney Embraced Bush Social Security Plan, Is This Why He Skipped the AARP Forum?
Wed. Oct. 24 a) Despite His Supposed Foreign Policy Expertise, McCain Promises Continuation of Failed Iraq Policy 
b) Giuliani: Bad News for Seniors, Is That Why He Is Skipping the AARP Forum?
Thurs. Oct. 25 a) McCain Continues to Follow Disastrous Bush Policies, Supports Failed Scheme to Privatize Social Security 
b) Giuliani Pays Iowa Lip-Service, Candidate Afraid of the Center 
Fri. Oct. 26 a) Romney Here Today, Gone Yesterday, Mitt Hits Iowa One Day After Ducking Seniors 
b) Romney Continues to Mislead Iowans on Illegal Immigration Record 
Sat. Oct. 27
Sun. Oct. 28
Mon. Oct. 29 Fred Thompson: In Case You Missed It.One Public Stop in Des Moines = One Attempt to Deceive Iowans 
Tues. Oct. 30 In Case You Forgot.Giuliani's Newest Advisor Believed Davenport Didn't Deserve Federal Aid 
Wed. Oct. 31 IDP Renews Call on Romney to Divest Himself from Sudan, Are His Investments Consistent With His Values? 
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