Oppo: Iowa Democratic Party Targets Republican Presidential Prospects
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In November 2007 Republican candidates spent onlyl 22 days campaigning in the state.  Giddins and Allen sent out just 19 releases targeting the GOP hopefuls.  In addition to the limited campaigning the IDP's JJ Dinner required considerable attention. Scorecard: Romney 8, FThompson 5, Giuliani 2, Huckabee 2, McCain 2...Total 19.
November 2007
Thurs. Nov. 1 Romney Releases Trade Proposal in Northern Iowa, One Day After Halloween, There are Scary Similarities to President Bush 
Fri. Nov. 2 Those Who Know Him Best Say: Romney Raised Taxes As Governor
Sat. Nov. 3
Sun. Nov. 4
Mon. Nov. 5 McCain Acknowledges Recent "Shift" in Immigration Position, Fails to Acknowledge Years of Opposition to Border Security
Tues. Nov. 6 Fred Thompson: Consistently Inconsistent, Ads Fail to Tell the Whole Story 
Wed. Nov. 7 Sam Brownback Endorses John McCain, Anti-Choice View Is the Primary Reason 
Thurs. Nov. 8 Giuliani Mail Pieces Mislead Iowans
Fri. Nov. 9
Sat. Nov. 10
Sun. Nov. 11
Mon. Nov. 12
Tues. Nov. 13 Romney vs. Reality on Immigration, Former Governor Deceiving Iowans 
Wed. Nov. 14 a) Loyalty Trumps Competence in a Giuliani Administration 
b) Fred Thompson's New Ad Ignores Immigration Record, As Senator, Thompson Voted Against Enforcement Measures 
Thurs. Nov. 15
Fri. Nov. 16
Sat. Nov. 17
Sun. Nov. 18
Mon. Nov. 19
Tues. Nov. 20 a) Thompson: National Security Is Most Important Issue, Unfortunately, He Believes the Soviet Union Still Exists
b) Romney Applauds Medicare Part D as "Hugely Successful", Program Leaves $3,000 Gap in Prescription Drug Coverage 
c) Huckabee Launches First Iowa Ad, Questions Remain About His Ability to Be President 
Wed. Nov. 21 a) Today, Iowans Have A Reason To Be Thankful.Fred Thompson Returned to Iowa!
b) The Romney Flip Flops Continue, Campaign Believes That Iowa Doesn't Pick Presidents 
Thurs. Nov. 22
Fri. Nov. 23
Sat. Nov. 24
Sun. Nov. 25
Mon. Nov. 26 Huckabee's Consistent Conservatism Questioned, New Ad Ignores Past Record 
Tues. Nov. 27 a) New Mitt vs. Old Mitt, Immigration Ad Ignores Record 
b) Fred Thompson Rewrites History, Forgets Iowa Isn't a Movie Set
Wed. Nov. 28 Ask Mitt Anything Shows Up at CNN/You Tube Debate! Yet Again He Fails to Honestly Answer the Questions
Thurs. Nov. 29
Fri. Nov. 30 Everyone Agrees.Romney Simply Pandering for Votes 
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