Oppo: Iowa Democratic Party Targets Republican Presidential Prospects
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Giddins and Allen did not let up in the homestretch.
December 2007 ....updated through Dec. 20
Sat. Dec. 1
Sun. Dec. 2
Mon. Dec. 3 Huckabee’s Environmental Philosophy: Fighting Against Controlling Pollution in Arkansas
Tues. Dec. 4 At Least Someone Is Campaigning for Huck In Iowa, Candidate Makes First Stops in Iowa Since Early November 
Wed. Dec. 5 a) President Bush in Omaha, Republican Candidates in Iowa Look Remarkably Similar   [Giuliani, Romney, FThompson]
b) Huckabee's Shortcomings Exposed: Former Governor Knew Nothing About Iran Intelligence Report 
Thurs. Dec. 6
Fri. Dec. 7 a) Fool Me Once, Shame On You; Fool Me Twice...Romney Finally Fires Lawn Company that Employed Undocumented Workers 
b) Thompson Out of Touch With Iowa Priorities, Reluctant Candidate Stops in Iowa Today 
Sat. Dec. 8
Sun. Dec. 9
Mon. Dec. 10 Huckabee Refuses to Recant Desire to Quarantine AIDS Patients
Tues. Dec. 11 a) Ask Mitt Nothing, Former Iowa Frontrunner Refuses to Answer Questions 
b) Huckabee Venturing Into New Territory  Can He Handle the Pressure?
c) Giuliani's Revisionist History Continues, Former Mayor Now Claims He Wanted to Deport Illegal Immigrants in NY 
Wed. Dec. 12 Debate Releases
-Does McCain Want to Come in 6th in Iowa? Advocates Eliminating Ethanol Subsidies that Spurred Industry Growth
-Giuliani's Debate Video Highlights Tour of New York, Why Isn't He Doing that in Iowa?
-Fred Thompson: Outsource US Intelligence 
Thurs. Dec. 13 Romney's Debate Rhetoric Ignores Reality of His Record 
Fri. Dec. 14 Romney: Enforce Immigration Laws (Maybe He Should Start With His Lawn)
Sat. Dec. 15 Romney: Nostalgia for What Could Have Been, Is Iowa Out of Reach?
Sun. Dec. 16
Mon. Dec. 17 Fred Returns to Iowa, But He'd Rather Be...Shopping 
Tues. Dec. 18 Thompson Compares Debate to Negotiating with Foreign Countries, Once Again, We Have to Ask: Really?
Wed. Dec. 19 a) The Reluctant Campaigner Starring Fred Thompson, But This Is Reality
b) Huckabee Misleads About Commutation Record, Former Governor Commuted Sentences of 12 Murderers
c) Romney Conveniently Forgot Campaign Appearance With Planned Parenthood, What Other Surprises Are Out There? 
Thurs. Dec. 20 Since Tom Tancredo Won't Be Around Anymore, Here Are Some of His Least Favorite Republican Quotes on Immigration 
Fri. Dec. 21
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