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36th Annual Conservative Political Action Conference, February 26-28, 2009

Feb. 27, 2009--Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) urged the audience to "stand by and defend the Constitution" and to "start talking about and preaching on why we have to get rid of the Federal Reserve system."  Paul said the government is "totally out of control."  "The main purpose of government in a free society should be the preservation of liberty," Paul said.

"We've certainly gotten ourselves into a mess, because the conservative movement that was designed to bring us back to our roots, you know like limited government, smaller government, more individual liberty--it hasn't happened.  And now, since we did not do the job we were supposed to do, the opposition has taken over and guess what, they're criticizing the Republicans and the conservatives for not having balanced the budget.  But does that mean they're going to do that?  No.  They're going to make us look like pikers.  They're going to double and triple and quadrouple the spending."

Paul emphasized the need for "honest money" and warned that "the next shoe to drop will be the disintegration of the dollar."  "Today we are still privileged to print dollars and the world is still, unbelievalbly, taking those," he said.  "But that is going to end, and when that ends the party is over."

On a more concrete point, Paul urged the audience to support H.R. 1207 [Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009] which would audit the Federal Reserve.  "At least we can find out what they're doing," Paul said.

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