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36th Annual Conservative Political Action Conference, February 26-28, 2009

February 28, 2009--Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) argued that conservatives have failed conservatism through instances of ethical failings, incompetence and failure to adhere to principle.  As examples of incompetence Santorum cited the response to Hurricane Katrina and aspects of the war against terror, which he said was actually "war against a radical theology."  On principle, Santorum pointed to the bailout.  "You can make all the arguments...," he said.  "It's still the wrong thing to do."  Further, it had "opened up a door that the next president is driving a bulldozer through."  In short, Santorum said, "Conservatives let down America."

Santorum also focused on culture.  "We have allowed the left to take over the popular culture," Santorum said.  "You need to engage the culture," he told the audience.  Santorum had some interesting observations on talk radio.  He said that talk radio works for conservatives "because conservatism engage the mind."  "Why does Air America fail?" he asked.  "Because its a bunch of emotional blather," he answered.

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