PRESS RELEASE from the Alaska Democratic Party
late May 2008

Alaska Democrats Conclude Successful Convention
Obama wins 11, Clinton 3 Alaska Delegates to National Convention

– Alaska Democrats concluded their bi-annual state convention Sunday with the election of party officers and the adoption of changes to the party plan and platform.

Patti Higgins of Anchorage was elected as Chair of the Alaska Democratic Party. Nanci Jones of Fairbanks was elected the party’s Treasurer. Carolyn Covington of Palmer was reelected as Secretary. Cindy Spanyers of Juneau and John Davies of Fairbanks were reelected as National Committee Woman and National Committee Man.

Election of Delegates to Democratic National Convention

Sen. Barack Obama won 11 of Alaska’s Delegates to the Democratic National Convention that were elected Saturday. Sen. Hillary Clinton received 3 delegates. When combined with the state’s four Super Delegates selected earlier, the total vote for the state’s 18-member delegation to the national convention is 14 for Obama, and 4 for Clinton.

The award of delegates was based on a presidential fan out in which 351 state convention delegates participated. Obama received 272 of the state convention delegate votes (77.5%), while Clinton received 79 votes (22.5%).

The Obama Delegates are:
Angela Cox of Barrow
Andres Chovil of Chugiak
Heather Kendall of Anchorage
Gary Waid of Juneau
Kimberly Pace of Anchorage
Les Gara of Anchorage
Tony Knowles of Anchorage (Unpledged Add-On)
Cal Williams of Anchorage
Lindsey Holmes of Anchorage
Elyse Guttenberg of Fairbanks
Idris Ogunjobi of Anchorage
Blake Johnson of Kenai (Super Delegate)
Cindy Spanyers of Juneau (Super Delegate)
John Davies of Fairbanks (Super Delegate)

Obama Alternates are:
Ryan Buchholdt of Anchorage
Liz Villarreal of Homer
Jane Bye of Dutch Harbor

The Clinton Delegates are:
Rex Okakok of Barrow
Claudia Douglas of Wasilla
Carolyn Covington of Palmer
Patti Higgins of Anchorage (Super Delegate)

The Clinton Alternate is:
Charles Degnan of Unalakleet