PRESS RELEASE from California Democratic Party
May 18, 2008

California Democrats once again will send the nation’s most diverse Delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Denver

Sacramento – The California Delegation to the Democratic National Convention met on Sunday for the first and only time prior to the August 25-28 convention to be held in Denver, confirming and finalizing the most diverse delegation of all 50 states. 

The 241 district-level delegates (134 Clinton delegates, 107 Obama) elected at the April 13th delegate caucuses voted to confirm the rest of the California Delegation, comprised of:  48 PLEOs (Pledged Party Leaders & Elective Officers) [Clinton 26 / Obama 22] and 81 Statewide At-Large [Clinton 44 / Obama 37], for a total of 134 additional Voting Delegates [Clinton 70 / Obama 59 plus five add-on Superdelegates, selected by the Chairman Art Torres]

The Clinton and Obama campaign received 1,922 applicants for the remaining PLEO and At-Large positions, and each campaign weighed the California Democratic Party’s affirmative action goals, geographical representation, and other considerations as they created their PLEO and At-Large Delegations. More than 2,800 Democrats had previously applied to run for district-level delegate, so in total almost 5,000 California Democrats sought a place in the delegation this year.

“This campaign season we’ve had the best cooperation I’ve ever seen between presidential campaigns during the delegate selection process,” said Sen. Art Torres (Ret.), Chairman of the California Democratic Party. “I’m so proud of the campaigns and local California Democrats for helping to once again produce the most diverse delegation in the nation.” 

"As difficult as these choices are, this process was made easier by the cooperation between both campaigns and the party. There is no question that California democrats will go into the fall strong and unified," John Emerson, a Clinton Campaign Official, said on behalf of the campaign.   

"Our campaigns and the party united to ensure the delegation represents the rich diversity of California and that Democrats from all communities across the state will have a voice in Denver," said Shannon Gilson, spokeswoman for the Obama campaign.

The California Delegation to the Denver Convention is now complete, with 370 Pledged Delegates (Clinton 204, Obama 166) and 71 Superdelegates.  A breakdown of the delegation with respect to the CDP’s Affirmative Action goals is as follows:

Goals       2004    2008
Under 30 10% 8.6% 11.1%
Latino 26% 25.6% 25.9%
African-American 16% 15.4% 17.5%
Asian Pacific Islander 9% 8.6% 8.6%
Native American 1% 2.3% 2.5%
Disabled 10% 6.1% 8.2%
LGBT 12% 8.2% 11.8%

At Large Delegates


Lalanya M. Abner, Beverly Hills

M. Hope Aguilar, Culver City

Erika R. Alexander, Playa Vista

Yolie F. Aguilar, Los Angeles

Bill Barnes, San Francisco

Devonna N. Almagro, Chula Vista

Corrine A. Brown, Sacramento

Xochitl Arellano, Sacramento
Dr. Amos C. Brown

Steven R. Aronowitz, San Francisco

Meredith E. Brown, Oakland

Nicole Avant, Los Angeles

Velma J. Butler, Altadena

Maria Blanco, El Cerrito

Maria Luisa J. Camacho, Encino

Jeffrey L. Bleich, Peidmont

Paul L. Cobb

Paul M. Cohen, San Rafael

Krisna Crawford-Velasco, Palmdale

Pam S. Cooke, Los Angeles

Reuben A. Duarte, Berkeley

Brigitte Davila, San Francisco

Gonzalo Escudero, San Francisco

Eileen C. Donahoe, Portola Valley

Maisha R. Everhart, Oakland

Martha M. Escutia, Whittier

Sim Farar, Los Angeles

Giselle Fernandez, Los Angeles

Linda L. Forster, Los Angeles

Tyrone R. Freeman, Los Angeles

Rachialle J. Franklin, San Francisco

Elsa E. Gaxiola, Chula Vista

Jimmy Gomez, Los Angeles

Cecelia A. Grajeda, Commerce

Chad H. Griffin, Beverly Hills

Marilyn Grunwald, Canoga Park

Reygan E. Harmon, Oakland

Tania Israel, Santa Barbara

Alicde E. Harris, Los Angeles

Robert Jordan, Sacramento

Yashar Hedayat, Beverly Hills

Carolos V. Lazalde, Los Angeles

Dolores C. Huerta, Bakersfield

Alma V. Marquez, South Gate

Christine T. Kehoe, San Diego

Mattie A. McFadden-Lawson, Los Angeles

Janet Keller, Laguna Beach

Bernard C. Parks, Los Angeles

David K. Lee, Claremont

Christopher L. Prevatt, Long Beach

August JP Longo, San Francisco

Charles Hammerman Rivkin, Santa Monica

Holly B. Macarro, Temecula

Natalie E. Rojas, Santa Cruz

Kimberly Marteau, Beverly Hills

John V. Roos, Hillsborough

Katherine A. Merrill, Kensington

Sal Rosselli, San Francisco

Gwen Moore, Los Angeles

Sandra S. Sewell, La Quinta

Matthew L. Moret, Los Angeles

Erik J. Sjobeck, Costa Mesa

Eleanor Moses, Albany

Steve H. Smith

Frederick O. Murph, Los Angeles

Marina I. Torres, Calistoga

Christine P. Nichols, Menlo Park

Virginia Velez, Alameda

Charles "Rob" Robert Parrish, San Francisco

Wendy Wanderman, Santa Monica

William Pelote, Sacramento

Tony West, Oakland

Raymond A. Penko, Mountain View

Steve Westly, Menlo Park

Carmen O. Perez, Long Beach

Murlene Randle, San Francisco

Laura K. Rico, Cypress

David A. Sanchez, Burlingame

Thomas F. Steyer, San Francisco

Cindy E. Testa-McCullagh, San Francisco

Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis, San Francisco

PLEO Delegates


Anna M. Caballero, Salinas

Elaine White Alquist, Santa Clara

Cindy M. Chavez, San Jose

Karen R. Bass, Los Angeles

John Chiang, Torrance

Yvonne B. Burke, Los Angeles

Judy Chu, Monterey Park

Gil A. Cedillo, Sacramento

Gray J. Davis, Los Angeles

Laura N. Chick, Los Angeles

Kevin De Leon, Los Angeles

Mike Davis, Los Angeles

Ronald V. Dellums, Oakland

Hector De La Torre, South Gate

Mervyn M. Dymally, Compton

John J. Duran, W. Hollywood

Felipe J. Fuentes, Arleta

Maria Elena Durazo, Los Angeles

John R. Garamendi, Walnut Grove

Dean R. Florez, Shafter

Dennis J. Herrera, San Francisco

Robert Foster, Long Beach

Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer, Los Angeles

Richard S. Gordon, Menlo Park

William W. Lockyer, Hayward

Kamala D. Harris, San Francisco

Fiona Ma, San Francisco

John S. Laird, Santa Cruz

Gloria Molina, Los Angeles

Ted W. Lieu, Torrance

Gavin Newsom, San Francisco

Henry Lo, Rosemead

Fabian Nunez, Los Angeles

Nicole M. Parra, Hanford

Jack T. O'Connell, Sacramento

Curren D. Price, Jr., Inglewood

Jennifer A. Oropeza, Long Beach

Mark Ridley-Thomas, Los Angeles

Alex Padilla, Pacoima

Gloria J. Romero, Los Angeles

Don Perata, Piedmont

Darrell S. Steinberg, Sacramento

Jose Solorio, Santa Ana

Tony K. Thurmond, Richmond

Cynthia A. Sterling, Fresno

Sandre R. Swanson, Alameda

Antonio R. Villaraigosa, Los Angeles

Jack Weiss, Los Angeles

Unpledged Add-ons
Carolyn E. Dogget, Belmont
Dario J. Frommer, Glendale
William Quay Hays, Pacific Palisades
Lou E. Paulson, Walnut Creek
Dora Rubio, Bakersfield