PRESS RELEASE from Dodd for President


Hancock: Dodd “Offers Leadership That Has Brought People Together and Gotten Real Results”

For Immediate Release
OCTOBER 9, 2007
Colleen Flanagan
 Taylor West

DES MOINES – State Senator Tom Hancock announced today that he is endorsing Chris Dodd for President.  In addition to representing Delaware, Dubuque, and Jones County in the Iowa Senate, Hancock is also past president of the Iowa Fireman’s Association, a 15,300-member organization of Emergency Service providers throughout the state.

During a press conference this morning at the State Capitol in Des Moines, Senator Hancock cited Dodd’s proven record as a leader who gets results.

“Chris Dodd, more than any other candidate in this race, offers leadership that has brought people together and gotten real results that have made our country a better place,” said Senator Hancock.

“I had not intended to endorse a candidate for the caucuses, but I am compelled to speak out today because of Chris Dodd’s leadership and record of results on the issues to which I’ve dedicated my life’s work.

“As my friends and family know, Iowa Emergency Services is my second family. After talking with Chris Dodd and reviewing his Congressional record, I feel like Chris Dodd is a member of that family. I am confident that as our next President, he will continue his commitment to our nation’s security and First Responders.

“It was Chris Dodd’s leadership that ensured that fire fighters across the country would have the resources they need to protect our communities – before the attacks of September 11th made that a priority for others.  It was also Chris Dodd’s leadership that brought us the Family and Medical Leave Act, which has already protected 50 million Americans against losing their jobs when they care for newborn children or sick family members.

“During a time like this in our country, with so many challenges ahead of us, we can’t afford any more fighting or division.  We need a leader who can bring people together and get results that put our country back on track.  The more I have learned about and talked with Chris Dodd, the more it has become clear that he is that leader.”

Senator Hancock joined the Epworth volunteer fire department in 1968 and worked his way up through the ranks to become fire chief in 1987.  During his tenure as president of the Iowa Fireman’s Association, he served on Governor Tom Vilsack’s Homeland Security Advisory Board.  Senator Hancock currently serves as chair of the Justice Systems Budget Subcommittee and vice-chair of the Natural Resources & Environment Committee in the Iowa Senate.

“I am honored to have Tom Hancock’s support in this campaign,” said Senator Dodd.  “As a Senator, an emergency volunteer responder and a deeply dedicated member of his community, Tom understands that we have to bring people together to get real results for change in our country.  As a respected leader across this state, he will be an incredibly powerful voice and valuable asset for our growing campaign.”

Dodd has also been endorsed by State Senate President Pro-Tempore Jeff Danielson, as well as by the International Association of Fire Fighters, representing professional fire fighters across Iowa and the nation.