PRESS RELEASE from Dodd for President


Zirkelbach: Dodd Offers “Clarity” and “Conviction” to End the War in Iraq

For Immediate Release
OCTOBER 12, 2007
Colleen Flanagan
 Taylor West

DES MOINES – State Representative Ray Zirkelbach, a veteran of the Iraq War and a Purple Heart recipient, announced today that he is endorsing Chris Dodd for President.  Zirkelbach cited Dodd’s clarity and leadership on working to end the war and his record of results for bringing real change to America.

“I know all too well the cost of war, and I know that this war must end,” said Representative Zirkelbach.  “I've seen first-hand the disastrous effects that a lack of clarity from leadership can bring.

“Chris Dodd is the only candidate that is offering clarity and speaking with conviction on what we need to do to end this war. That's why I trust him to get the job done and that's why he's earned my endorsement.”

Representative Zirkelbach is an Iowa National Guardsman in the First Battalion of the 133rd Infantry, which returned from nearly two years of service in Iraq in August of this year.

“I am deeply honored to have earned the support of such a fine man, public servant, and patriot as Ray Zirkelbach,” said Senator Dodd.  “Ray understands first-hand the situation on the ground in Iraq, and he agrees with me that there is no military solution to this conflict.

“It will take clarity and leadership to end this war – not half-measures or hedging statements.  Ray can trust me to lead, get results, and get the job done.”

Representative Zirkelbach represents House District 31, covering Jones County and portions of Dubuque County.  Born in Manchester and raised in Scotch Grove, Iowa, Zirkelbach now lives in Monticello with his wife Emily and their young daughter, who was born while Zirkelbach was serving in Iraq.