PRESS RELEASE from John Edwards for President
July 1, 2007
Contact: Colleen Murray

Campaign raises small change for big change for America; Expands grassroots base

Chapel Hill, North Carolina - The John Edwards for President campaign announced today that it raised more than $9 million during the second quarter fundraising period, double what it raised during the second quarter of the 2004 campaign and putting the campaign ahead of pace to raise the $40 million needed to implement the campaign's plan.

Senator John Edwards' campaign has been built on reaching out to all Americans - not just those who can give the maximum donation, so this quarter the campaign focused on its "Small Change for Big Change" program to expand its donor base and energize supporters.  Small Change for Big Change raised low-dollar money through low-dollar fundraising events, and online, mail and telephone donations.  Edwards' campaign relies on grassroots support to get his message out to voters.  Edwards has never taken a dime from PACs or Washington lobbyists, and this quarter more than half of the amount raised came from grassroots fundraising.  Ninety-three percent of contributions were $100 and under this quarter compared to last quarter when 80 percent of contributions were $100 and under.

"We are thrilled with the support we've received from people across the country," said Deputy Campaign Manager Jonathan Prince.  "Americans from every walk of life are responding to Senator Edwards' message and bold plans to build One America.  The campaign wants to thank all of our supporters for their hard work - because of their efforts we will have the resources we need to be competitive and win the nomination."

The campaign expanded its donor base this quarter as more and more Americans join Edwards' campaign to build One America, where every person has the same opportunities to succeed that he has had.  This year, more than 100,000 Americans have contributed to Edwards' campaign for change, and 4,000 contributors attended the campaign's "Small Change for Big Change" fundraisers.

Americans from across the country realize that the stakes are too high to not elect a Democrat to the White House in 2008 and believe Edwards is both the most electable candidate and the candidate with the boldest plans to truly change our country.  Edwards has support from Americans from every part of the country, receiving contributions from every state.  Additionally, more than 30 percent of contributions came from red states.

Second quarter fundraising figures from the John Edwards for President campaign include:

-  More than $9 million raised total.

-  More than $4.7 million raised from grassroots fundraising.

-  More than 100,000 contributors from across the country this year.

-  About $3.5 million raised online.

-  93% of contributions were $100 and under.

-  More than 30% of contributions were from red states.