[Nevada Democratic Party photo]
June 7, 2007--Mock Caucus at Grandma Hattie’s restaurant in Carson City, NV.

PRESS RELEASE from the Nevada Democratic Party

July 10, 2007

Nevada Democratic Party Holds "Mockuses" in 14 of 17 counties

State party hits the road, training Democrats for January 19th 2008 caucus

LAS VEGAS – Democrats are already learning how to caucus – as they will on the morning of Saturday, January 19th, 2008 – through a massive education program going on now in Nevada.

Nevada Democratic Party staff members have already trained thousands of Nevadans on the caucus process, including holding "mockuses" (or mock caucuses) in 14 of the state's 17 counties.  For months, the state party has been holding caucus educational meetings and recently started holding mockuses in which participants learn the caucus process by supporting their favorite pizza as a substitute for the presidential candidates.  (Photos of mockuses in Carson City and Zephyr Cove are attached).

More than 70 people attended a recent Reno mockus – an overflow crowd that had to be moved outside of the Washoe County headquarters because of an unexpectedly large turnout. Washoe County Democratic Party Executive Director Amy Curtis-Webber said her office gets calls every day from people who have heard about the mockuses and want to know how to participate.

"We've seen an amazing amount of enthusiasm at the grassroots level," Curtis-Webber said.  "Our precinct coordinators who have participated in our mockuses now want to hold their own neighborhood mockus. People who participate in the mockuses say they come out with a clear understanding of how the caucus works, and they're more excited about organizing and educating people about the Jan. 19th caucus."

Elko County Vice Chair Kristian Forland said a recent mock caucus held in Elko attracted about 30 people, and the county is well on its way to recruiting all of the temporary chairs it needs to help run the precinct caucuses on January 19th, 2008 .  On Friday, Elko County will host a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time in more than 50 years when Gov. Bill Richardson visits the town.

"Even in Elko County , which is one of the most Republican counties in Nevada , we have seen an enormous new interest in Democratic politics," Forland said.  "I think it's because most Nevadans are ready for a change in the White House, regardless of their political party.  We're excited that several of the Democratic presidential campaigns have said they will focus on organizing in Elko County ."

Carson City Chair Steve Platt, who has hosted most of the presidential candidates across the state in Carson City, including at a Feb. 21 forum that attracted most of the major candidates, said Nevada's capital has never seen this type of attention.

"Most of the presidential candidates have visited one of our local coffee shops, Comma Coffee," Platt said.  "Candidates have had such a good reception in Carson City that they keep coming – including a visit from Sen. Chris Dodd this week. The caucus is helping us organize for 2008 general election."

Nevada has seen a steady increase in candidate visits and will host Sen. Dodd, Gov. Richardson and former Sen. John Edwards at different stops in Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City and Elko this week.  Candidate visits to Nevada are always posted on www.nvdemscaucus.com.

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[Nevada Democratic Party photo]
June 8, 2007--Doing caucus math at a Mock Caucus in Zephyr Cove, NV.