PRESS RELEASE from Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee
October 31, 2007

Giuliani Campaign Announces California State Leadership and Regional Chairs

The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee today announced its California Volunteer State Leadership and Regional Chairs. Rudy’s volunteer leadership team is working with senior campaign staff helping with grassroots efforts throughout the state. The Regional Chairs are focused on coordinating these efforts and recruiting volunteers in communities across the state.

“We are thrilled to have each of these people in volunteer leadership positions throughout California,” said California Campaign Chairman Bill Simon. “They will continue to play an important role in mobilizing the grassroots efforts and building on the campaign’s growing momentum in California.”

Rudy’s California Volunteer State Leadership:

Margie Handley, State Chair, Willits
Tod Burnett, State Chair, Sacramento/Los Angeles
Cathie Bennett Warner, State Communications Chair, Marin County
Richard Sherman, Vice-Chair, Northridge
Kay Spafford, Vice-Chair, San Diego
June Downum, Vice-Chair, Glencoe
Susan Allen, Vice-Chair, Capitola

Rudy’s California Regional Chairs:

Northern California
Mike Harris, Regional Chair

Sacramento County, Amador County, Alpine County, Calaveras County
Cathy Poncabare, Regional Chair
Ken Lunde, Regional Co-Chair

Contra Costa County, Alameda County
Jeff Filter, Regional Chair

San Francisco County, San Mateo County, Marin County
Darcy Linn, Regional Chair
Joe Yew, Regional Co-Chair

Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County, San Joaquin County
Louise Kirkbride, Regional Chair
Charles Marsala, Regional Co-Chair
Janet Chakraborty, Regional Co-Chair

Central Valley
Stuart Weil, Regional Chair
Carol Armstrong, Regional Co-Chair
Audrey Redmond, Regional Co-Chair
Susan Abbott, Regional Co-Chair

Central Coast
Greg Gandrud, Regional Chair

San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, Antelope Valley in LA County
Glenn Thornhill, Regional Chair

West Side, LA County
Steve Sion, Regional Co-Chair
Maureen Johnson, Regional Co-Chair

South Bay, LA County
Jessamine Campbell, Regional Chair

East LA County
Carlos Getino, Regional Chair

San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire
Al Restivo, Regional Chair

Inland Empire
Darrell Connerton, Regional Chair

Orange County
Diane McGlinchey, Regional Chair

San Diego, Imperial County
Bill Baber, Regional Chair
Karen Boudreau, Regional Co-Chair